Saturday, February 16, 2008

Panic Attack!

Travee and I went to puppy class this afternoon. After class, I needed to get a few things at WalMart, so I thought I would just run in real fast. I left Travee in the car, it was 28 degrees out, so I cracked both windows about two inches.

As I was walking into the store, I started thinking to myself that I hoped that no one could get their hand/arm through the crack and unlock the car. I know I have very small hands/wrists and I could do it. I started thinking how awful it would be to come out and find that someone had stolen him. I have a tendency to worry about things. I kept thinking this all while I was shopping, then telling myself that I was being silly.

I finished my shopping and headed to my car. As I came up on it, I decided to look in and see what he was doing. I looked in the back seat and OMG......................he wasn't there! I then thought that he jumped into the front seat, looked up there and OMG...................he wasn't there either. I blinked and looked again. NO TRAVEE!

At this point, everything in my stomach is rising into my throat. I am about to throw up. I am shaking and nearly starting to cry, thinking to myself, how could I do this???? Leave him in the car and someone stole him!!!!!!!!

I am nearing a panic attack and reaching for my phone about to call 911. I looked in again and noticed, that my dear, sweet, precious baby was sound asleep on the floor of the backseat, almost totally out of sight, oblivious to his mother's spontaneous combustion outside.

I nearly cried in relief. Isn't if funny how you can totally psych yourself out? I was never so happy to hug that little guy!