Sunday, January 12, 2020

No More Second Chances

If 2019 taught me anything, it is that I have to stop giving people second chances.  Each and every time I have done that it has bitten me in the ass worse than the first bite.  I always want to see the best in others, want to help them and most of the time it is appreciated, however, in a very small percentage, it is not.  That is what hurts.

It hurts to help someone and then to find out they have been totally sabotaging you, your reputation and relationships the entire time.  When you hear it from one person it's a fluke, two, it's a concern, but when you hear from so many people it makes you sick to your stomach, you know it's true.  You don't want to believe that someone that you did so much for would repay your kindness like that.  Some have cut me off with no explanation, I can't even imagine what was said to them to take that action.

Then you look at past patterns of behavior.  There was always someone that did them wrong. I guess now that person is me.  I am so sorry that I was trying to help you and provided you with opportunities for personal growth and success.  I am so sorry that you need me to blame for everything that is wrong in your life.  I truly hope it turns around for you and that you get the help that I believe you need.

Going further, I am no longer giving second chances.  If you prove to me that your character is not true, I will no longer give you an opportunity to do it again.  I am a firm believer of not burning bridges, however, if someone starts the fire themselves, I will no longer rush to grab water to die it out.  I don't hate you, but I will not allow you take up negative space in my mind and life.