Friday, February 26, 2010

Boys and their toys!

Despite that fact that Riley and Travis have this mound of toys, sometimes the strangest things catch their attention.

For two days now, this has been the coveted toy.  It's an empty iced tea bottle.  Travis has guarded it with his life.  He's slept with it and nearly took Riley's head off when he tried to take it.

I compare it to when children are more fascinated with the box a toy comes in, rather than the actual toy!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great, Giant Icicle

Since the snowstorms from hell are over, we are now getting the huge icicles popping up everywhere.  Here is the huge one that is falling from the corner of our house.  I was waiting to see if it would touch the ground.  I finally just knocked them down since I was afraid it was doing more damage than entertainment.

Well, the boys found a piece of the great, giant icicle and were fighting over it.

Guess who won?  Travis, he always wins, not because he is tougher, it's because Riley lets him win.  Riley lets him have anything he wants EXCEPT his food.  That's where he draws the line.

So, I finally wrestle the great, giant icicle from Travis and what does that little shit do?  He smuggles a smaller version into the house.  I knew something was up when he didn't stay in the kitchen and wait for his treat.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mr. Speedo 2010

This year, just like last year, the Speedos were out in full force in Punta Cana.  This year, however, I crowned TWO Mr. Speedos.  I crowed the second Mr. Speedo Hell NO and this year, there was a contestant that wore a Speedo so impressively that I had to crown him Mr. Speedo 2010.  Folks, he had at least four Speedos on this trip.  He could have had more and I just didn't see him the other three days.

Here is a little video montage that I put together.....

Here are some noteables that I got still photographs of.  First, we have Hulk Hogan.  Listen Hulk, don't you know that crack kills?

This guy needs the same advice, just say no to crack.  Seriously, if the crack of your ass is showing you need to purchase a bigger size or two.

Speedos and fanny packs?  Really?  Shouldn't that be on your fanny, not on your "package"?

Here is Mr. Bruises, totally oblivious to the awesomeness that just passed by him.

Now he finally learns and gets in on the act!  I hope someone gave that dude some sunscreen!

Okay and here is Mr. Speedo 2010!  I swear this guy could crack a nut with his buttocks!  THIS is what you should look like if you want to wear a Speedo!

We've got the blue and orange print.

The blue tie dye.

The black one, which had red stipes on the front.

And a yellow and blue print.

And now a closer look at Mr. Speedo Hell No.  I swear in the video, he paused and let me get a good, long look at him.  Trouble is, I was blinded by all of that white shit on his face. 

Until next time.......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Men Knit!

BFF Jill and Rhonda were out shopping today and they encountered a couple of male aspiring knitters.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where's the Gratitude?

I've always been one that believes that you get what you give.  I have always been very generous with my knowledge.  I've never hesitated to help anyone who needs it.  This is especially true when it comes to the art of doing nails. 

When I first started to do nails, no one wanted to help me.  I didn't let that stop me.  I started traveling, surrounding myself with talented people and I learned from the best.  I traveled to shows, I started competing, I started working as an educator for a manufacturer.  I swore that I would help any new tech, so that they would not hit a brick wall like I did.

For nearly 10 years, I have done this.  I've mentored dozens of nail techs.  Some traveled hours to spend some time learning from me.  I have never charged for this.  I've always operated under the "Pay it Forward" approach.  I only asked that they do for someone else in the future, what I have done for them.

Lately, I am really thinking that I need to change my way of thinking.  I have been used and abused by not one, but TWO people recently and it is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth.  I feel like I've been stolen from, taken advantaged of and now I am getting smack talked.  What these two don't realize is that it is a small town and I know nearly every person in town and when they are talking, people they are talking in front of know me.  They tell me what was said.

So go ahead with the blind, leading the blind.  Trash away.  I tell you this, the trash that you are producing is a mess and guess who is fixing your messes?  That's right me!  Guess what, not only am I fixing the messes, I am gaining new clients because of it.  Karma's a bitch and there is a big old case of it coming your way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are you SNOWver it?

So, if you are SNOW over it.  If you are sick of your kids being home all week.  If you want to stab everyone with an icicle.  Then you are most likely experiencing your second snow storm in five days.  I swear, the only ones enjoying all of this snow are my dogs.  Watch this video and it will warm your cold, pissed-off, sick of all of this snow, heart!


Sorry I haven't updated since getting home from vacation.  I've been busy at work and then we got hit with a MAJOR snow storm Friday night.  We are now getting hit again.  I haven't forgotten about Mr. Speedo, he is coming soon, I promise!

Anyway, Friday it started snowing.  At 10:00 pm I took this photo.  Nine inches of snow. 

I then took a photo at 10:45 pm and we were at 14 inches!  Five inches fell within 45 minutes!

I then said that I was going to take photos every hour.  By this point, I was so hopped up on caffeine that there was no way I could sleep.  I was going to stay up all night and ride this storm out and document it!

This was at midnight.  We are now at 17 inches and it's still coming down strong.

This was at 1:00 am.  We are at 18 1/2 inches now.

This beauty was taken at 2:00 am, I finally got smart and put some pants on.  As you can see it is up to my knees now.

Official count is 19 3/4 inches!

This was at 3:00 am, we are now at 22 inches.  As you can see, the snow is now over Mr. Bruises' bumper.

At nearly 4:00 am, I fell asleep on the floor with Travis.  I woke up at nearly 5:00 am, when the power went out.  Travis and I went to bed at that time.

I got up at 8:30 am and wanted to  video Travis and Riley's reaction to the snow.  I ended up videoing my own.  Sorry for the bad word, but it was a true reaction!

Final measurement at 8:30 am on Saturday was 25 1/4 inches.  Holy Bejesus!

This is the view from the carport.
You can't even see our steps!
So far, the only ones enjoying this snow are the dogs!

Monday, February 1, 2010

We're Home!

Well we are home. It was an awesome trip, I think that everyone should go on vacation to paradise for their birthday even if it is just once. Mr. Bruises and I have been considering doing our vacation every year at this time, instead of right after New Years.

Once I get through all of the Speedo footage and photos, I will be posting my Second Annual Mr. Speedo post. I have a funny feeling that the judges (me, myself and I) are going to award TWO crowns this year. We will see how the voting goes.

Some observations from this trip…..Americans are polite, maybe too polite. Everyday I was amazed by the rudeness of European people. They play chicken with you in all of the walkways. You have to give way, they never will. They push right in front of you in every buffet line, actually reaching in front of you and there is never an “Excuse me” or even a smile. They sit or stand close to you, scarily invading our personal space and proceed to have a conversation in their own language that is at least three decibels too loud. I am a loud person, believe me when I say, they make me sound like I am whispering.

I think the most appalling thing I saw was a grandmother and father, who brought a child to the pool with full-blown pink eye in both eyes. He had the tapioca pudding-looking goop running down his face. He was rubbing his eyes and miserable. Of course, he was touching things with those goop-covered hands. I wonder how many people unknowingly got pink eye from those inconsiderate guardians.

Mr. Bruises wants to do a cruise next year. We will see. He has a whole year to work on me. The thoughts of being herded like cattle once again and put into a room with a toilet that won’t flush and no one caring is not appealing to me what so ever.

I can’t wait to see the Golden Boys tonight. It’s been seven days since I was double spooned by golden fur. From what you all have been telling us about home, I am sure I will welcome the extra warmth because it’s going to be a real culture shock. This is especially true since I lost my jacket in the airport on the way in. I have my winter vest, but I don’t have any shirts with sleeves!