Friday, October 31, 2008

Reuben's Grave - Urban Legend

After writing about Grunt's Leg, I tried to think of any other urban legends I knew of in the area. The only other one I could think of was Reuben's Grave. I have never been there, remember, I am a fraidy cat. I could not remember the stories from my youth, so I posted a note on Facebook for people to help me out. Kris (Grafton) Shunk helped me out by providing the story.

Reuben, a teenager but exact age unknown, decided to kill himself -- but before doing so, he wrote his own epitaph: "What you are now I once was. What I am now you will be." He rode his white horse to a tree near the cemetery where he's now buried, put a noose around his neck, looped the rope around a tree branch, and kicked the horse away. If visitors to the cemetery at night see a
white horse on the hillside, they will die a horrible death. There are some accounts that the horse has flaming red eyes -- like that of the devil.

So, I just headed out and tried to find the cemetery. Mr. Bruises gave me directions and he was going from memory. He hasn't been there since he was a teen. I am not sure if I found the cemetery or not. It seemed like it could be it, however, I couldn't find the monument. Chances are it's been stolen or destroyed through the years. I took a photo anyway, I saw a tree that could possibly be "the" tree.

Some of you may not know, but for about eight years of my life, I designed cemetery memorials. I used to be obsessed with cemeteries. I loved to look at the differing artwork from region to region. So, I called my former boss to see if he could help me find the cemetery and the grave. We are working on it. When I do find it, I will post an updated photo.

Thank you Kris for the story! Happy Halloween to everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Is anyone's life anything like they thought it would be when they were a kid. I am no where near what/where I thought I would be.

I never thought I would still be living in Pennsylvania. I've always wanted to live in California. I guess the time I spent there as a baby got into my blood. My biggest regret in life is not going.

I hate where I live. I think the main reason is the people I live around. Actually, that's not true, it's one person I live around. I don't even know his name. We just call him "Get Over Here Guy" because that is all you ever hear is him screaming that to his poor beagle. This man is constantly in my yard. I can't go outside to relax because he is there. I can't walk my dogs in peace because he is there. He seems to think that he is our landscaper, he uses my father in law's mower and lately, has been mowing all of our lawns three times a week. He blows grass and leaves into my pond. I hate him.

He rents from my FIL. Neither my FIL or Mr. Bruises are concerned about him. I am the one that has to deal with him the most. Yesterday, he was shooting a gun behind my house. That is so dangerous not only for me but for my animals. I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

I never would have thought when I was young, that I would be in my 40's and not have a mother figure in my life. I always thought I would have my mom with me. Yes, she is still alive, but she is not my mother any longer. She is gone, I've dealt with it, but it still hurts and I still miss her so much. I visit weekly and try to not long for the past.

I wished I had a husband that had time for me. He spends so much time working and helping others, mainly my FIL that I always come last. He does everything for his father. I am left to do everything in our home. We can't go here or there because he can't get off of work or he has to work for his father on his days off.

Somedays, I wished I was someone else. Mainly I wished I was who I thought I would be when I was six.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sean and Clara's Shower

Sean and Clara had their baby shower at Scarehouse this past Saturday. Since they both work there, it was a great location to have it. They got lots of very nice gifts.

Sean came in with two big packages of the little pots of Play Dough that are meant for you to give out as an alternative to candy for Trick or Treat. I thought, how nice, he was providing favors for the kids to play with. Well, imagine my surprise when I found out it was for "ALL" the kids to play with, big and small. We were told to sculpt what we think the baby will look like.

This is the result. I find it amusing that almost all of the babies have a beard, mutt chops or a mohawk. For Clara's sake, I hope the baby doesn't have any of those when "she" arrives next month!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bonus DAOTW Fonda Bruises Style!

When I first saw the news report about the woman who was robbed, then beaten because of her McCain/Palin bumper sticker, I just looked at the television in shock. Not shock of what supposedly happened to this woman. Shock because it was obvious to me, that her black eye was fake.

Listen. I know a few things about bruises, I am, however, Fonda Bruises. I have, also, given myself numerous black eyes. I can tell when you use dark purple eyeshadow and black cake eyeliner to make one. See how similar our black eyes look!

I expressed my opinion to Mr. Bruises, who agreed with me, and added that there wasn't any swelling. Then add to the fact that the "B" carved in her face was backwards, allowing you to assume that the dumbass did it to herself using a mirror.

Low and behold, it is announced that she made the story up. So, folks, we have another Dumb Ass of the Week! They are just coming out of the woodwork.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Travis!!

Travis is one year old today. It's hard to believe! This was one of the first pictures I have of him. The first ten weeks of his life weren't the best. I am so thankful that Pam found him on New Year's Eve and I am even more thankful that Mr. Bruises agreed to allow me to bring him home!

Travis has brought a lot of energy and joy to our house. He is a ball of energy 24/7. He is my alarm clock, he gets me up every morning before 8. He is our comedian, he makes us laugh daily. He is our troublemaker, always getting into mischief! Travis is all of these things and many more, but most of all, he is OURS!

Happy Birthday Travee P!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DAOTW Award!

The next recipient of the Dumb Ass of the Week Award goes to more than one person. It goes to the people that run around and say "Acrylic will ruin your nails". Okay, I exempt anyone who is not a nail technician from this award, you really don't know any better and you obviously don't have a nail tech that cares or he or she would educate you as to why this statement is false.

The Dumb Asses of the Week are the nail tchnicians that are so uneducated and unskilled that they make these ludicrous statements. Acrylic will not ruin your nails, it will not damage your nails or make them weak, neither will gel, wraps, polish, etc. Damage is human operator related.

If acrylic or any other type of nail enhancement is applied and removed correctly, your nails will be in the EXACT same condition as they were when you applied the product. Where the problem lies is when a Nail Tech uses MMA (read dental acrylic, yes what they make teeth from), which requires the shredding of the nail in order for it to bond or acid primers which will chemically etch the nail. Lastly, when people pick and chew their nails off, they just trashed them for a good six months, yet they will say that the stuff that was on their nails ruined them.

Even a good nail tech can cause damage and "weakness". Most good, legal products on the market do not require an acid primer and do not require shredding of the nails for application. Some techs, still file too aggressively on application, when they should just be lightly filing with a soft grit file to remove the shine. When they are prepping for fills, if they are experiencing a lot of lifting, they will then file too aggressively at the lifted area, thus filing into the natural nail.

Finally, when a set of nails is properly removed, by soaking in acetone, they will temporarily be dehydrated for a few days. These nails are not "weak", they just need some oil. Weak nails are not a temporary condition. If the nails were weak when you started, they will be weak when you remove, even if they were removed properly. If the nails were strong when you started, and are weak when you removed, if it is temporary, it is dehydration!!!! If they continue to be weak, they are damaged.

If you are going to a Nail Tech and he or she tells you that acrylic damages your nails, that's why she doesn't do them, find a new tech. They either tried and failed to master enhancements or they are lacking in education. Either way, he or she is a Dumb Ass of the Week!

***The Purple Pinkie is taking nominations for DAOTW Awardees. If you have anyone or any situation that you would like to nominate for this esteemed award, please email your nomination to

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall is here

Everyone knows that I hate winter. I do, however, like fall. I like the colorful leaves, the slight nip in the air and I of course, love me some football.

I always try to get some pictures of the wonderful colors that are present outside my door. Riley and Travis are usually my likely subjects. They just love to run and romp in the leaves. Sometimes, it's really hard to get them to sit still!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Riley can be naughty too

Travis is the naughty one. Well, he is rubbing off on Riley. My Riley used to be so well behaved. Lately, he is just doing what he wants.

Case in point, last night, he started to crawl up on the loveseat. Three times I told him no and he just ignored me. Look how comfy he looks. He could care less that he isn't allowed on the furniture and he knows it.

I now have not one, but TWO stinkers in the house!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our little peaceful spot.

It seems as though a lot of us are losing fur babies right now. My little Miss Rudy went to the bridge on Friday. The Burgh Baby Family lost a loving member through the night as well.

I've received so many wonderful emails, that contained such loving and kind words. Animal lovers are just a different breed of people. They are special.

I thought I would share where all of our loving pets are buried. We have quite a bit of acreage, separated into three fields. In one of the fields, there is a small grouping of trees. It is here, that all of our loving fur babies are laid to rest. On Friday, when we took Rudy out, it was looking very beautiful since the leaves were just starting to change colors.

It is a very peaceful place. It is a spot for them to be all together. They are all across the Rainbow Bridge now, and anxiously awaiting when we will all be reunited some day.

My thoughts are with you Burgh Baby Family! Many hugs to you all.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ty Pennington was at Scarehouse last night!

I was working RIP last night at Scarehouse (VIP status in the haunt world) and Sean P. McCarthy, who gave me my most awesome tattoo, informed me that Ty Pennington had called him and was enroute to The Scarehouse. Ty is in town filming an Extreme Makeover episode in Penn Hills.

So, I was on the look out for him. I spotted him right away. He has the celebrity thing down pat. He had a hat on, a scarf, and just walked like he knew where he was going. I followed right behind him. When he got to the front entrance, he paused, slightly and I approached and said "RIP?" and he nodded and I told him I had been watching for him. I took him in the RIP door and told him to go up the stairs and he smiled and thanked me. No one even knew that he had walked by!

Even though I was dying to get a photo taken with him, I respected his privacy. Scott from Scarehouse did snap this photo of Sean and Ty before he went in the haunt. Check out the Scarehouse Blog and the Scarehouse website for all the details about this fantastic place!

How I spent my Sunday morning....... the back of a PA State Police cruiser. No, I didn't get arrested, they were rescuing a damsel in distress.

I worked at Scarehouse Saturday night. I left around 1:00 am. At approximately 1:32, my gas light came on. I knew from previous experience, with said light, that I had plenty of gas to get home. At 1:38, I ran out of gas. I was on Route 28 North, between the Natrona Heights and Freeport exits near mile marker 23.

I called Mr. Bruises and he didn't answer. I called again, and again, still no answer. It was obvious to me, he was sleeping and either his phone was dead or turned off.

I then called my insurance company. Great news! I have roadside assistance. After 35 minutes on the phone, I am informed that she can't locate anyone to help me and after contacting the PA State Police she was instructing me to call 911 because if the State Police dispatch someone to help me, they can't refuse.

So, I call 911. I am so happy that I wasn't in an accident and bleeding, because I would have died at mile marker 23. I kept being asked over and over, what city, township or borough I was in. How the hell do I know. I told her the location just as it is written above. She then asks if there are any land marks close by. I tell her mile marker number 23, duh! I didn't say the duh, but I was thinking it. She then tells me that I am in Butler County and she will connect me, to which I very nicely tell there that there is no way in hell that I am in Butler County and if I had to make an educated guess it would be Westmoreland. So, she then decides to call the State Police in Allegheny County who then inform her to call the Kittanning barracks.

So, the police arrive and they can't get anyone to bring me gas, they only have two options. One is to call a tow truck to tow me to the BP Station down the road or they can take me there and drop me off. I opt for the tow truck. Well, no one would come unless I had $250 in cash. I had $20 and a credit card. No credit cards for any towers.

So, the police take me to BP. Enroute, they decide to try to have an officer go to my home and wake Mr. Bruises' ass up. They call Manor Township, they were off duty, so it would revert to the State boys. Well, they were all tied up with a DUI. So they tried to call Ford City, who refused since it wasn't their area. Secretly, I was glad they couldn't go to the house because Mr. Bruises would have probably thought they were there to tell him I was dead.

So, the nice officers decided to take me home. They had to drive back to the Kittanning barracks anyway.

I arrived at home and found that Mr. Bruises had his phone on vibrate. So, as I am putting on my pajamas, looking forward to finally going to sleep, Mr. Bruises informs me that we are going to go get my car before it gets stolen or vandalized. So, off we go to Sheetz, to get gas, then to get my car.

I finally put my head on my pillow at 5 am. Holy bejeezus was that a long freaking day. Many thanks to the PA State Police for coming to my rescue. I can't wait for Monday, so I can tell Geico how happy I am for the most awesome Roadside Assistance that they can provide!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Miss Rudy

On February 2, 2002, Rudy came home with me. It was Super Bowl Sunday. One of my clients was adopting the baby that her son's class guinea pig had. He was black with wild looking hair, she named him Bush. I joked that I would get one and name him Rudy. Both Bush and Rudy were in the news a lot at that time after the September 11th tragedy. I did end up getting a guinea pig, but I got a girl and named her Rudy. We joked how funny it would be if George Bush and Rudy Giuliani had babies together.

Guinea pigs have a lifespan of five years. Rudy has been with us six years and nearly nine months. She's almost 7.

She developed a large tumor months ago. There is nothing that can be done. We were instructed to keep her happy and make sure she isn't in pain.

Please say a little prayer for Rudy today. We are taking her today to peacefully send her across the Rainbow Bridge. She was the best little piggy and will be missed.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here's something new for my blog. Thanks to the idea from my friend Angie, I am going to start awarding The Dumbass of the Week Award. I think this is going to be a popular weekly entry.

The first entry goes to a special nail tech, whom I've been debating some ridiculous claims that she has. Even though I have scientific data to back up my opinions, she still is debating the issue. She also has to get in the last word ALWAYS.

Well, she decided to take it offline and get nasty with me in a private email. What she did, though, was BLOCK my email address so that I could not reply to her. What a dumbass. Who doesn't have multiple email addresses?

Congratulations for being named the first Dumbass of the Week! You know who you are!

One of my favorite places.

This is a picture of one of my favorite places. Well, it's the bathroom, actually. If I lived closer to it, I think I would spend a lot of time there. Anyone want to guess where it is?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full Moon

It was a full moon last night. On Monday night, when I was in the Southside to get my tattoo, the moon was spectacular looking. Many of the crazies on the street mentioned the moon to Jill and I as we walked from The Beehive to Jester's Court. I posed for this photo that turned out spookily well! Happy Full Moon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tattoo Time!

Last night, I went and got my tattoo at Jester's Court. Some of you will remember that I won a gift certificate at the Steel City Derby Demon's Championship game. This tattoo was also my "get even card" with Mr. Bruises for the whole Camilla situation.

Mr. Bruises wasn't too happy to find out where I was going. He had already pulled out all stops, at one point, offering to purchase my $250 gift certificate for $1,000. I turned him down. So, he finally pulled all his tricks out of his bag and told me that if I got a tattoo on my forearm, where I had been planning to get a dragonfly, that he would be ashamed to walk down the street with me. He said that I would be white trash and he would lose some respect for me. Well, you can imagine the fire that ignited within me.

Problem was, he planted the seed. The seed of doubt. Those who know me know that I really don't care what anyone thinks of me, I never have. That isn't totally true, though, I guess I care what one little, bitty person thinks and that is unfortunately, Mr. Bruises.

So, after much soul searching, I decided to bring up the idea of adding to my current tattoo that is on my foot. I've always liked it, however, once I started hanging around others with phenomenal artwork on their bodies, I realized how boring and plain my little tattoo was. We decided to go for the foot and Sean drew out this amazing dragonfly, with vines and flowers to kind of pull both of the tattoos together.

This tattoo hurt like a mother trucking whore. At one point, I was crying. Well, maybe not crying, but my eyes were watering terribly and I feared that I would have no teeth left from gritting them. Then, the unthinkable happened. I farted. I hurt so bad and was tensed so much that I cut the cheese big time. I thought everyone was going to die laughing, especially Clara and Jill.

I think Sean realized that I couldn't take much more. So two hours after he started jack-hammering ink into my flesh I was done. Once it heals, I can have him finish the few things that are left.
I am in awe of this tattoo. Every time I look at it from a different angle, it's a different color. My only regret is not going this route from the very beginning and totally bypassing that little, boring tattoo that started it all.

Upon my arrival at home, Mr. Bruises was waiting for me. It seems as though he thought all about his words and actions for eight hours. He apologized and said that he shouldn't have said those things and it was wrong of him to ask me not to get the tattoo. At this point, I took off my jacket and he realized I didn't get the tattoo where originally planned. My foot was still bandaged and he hasn't seen it yet, but I know he is relieved it is my foot. And technically, I still only have "A" tattoo!

Thanks for the awesome tattoo, Sean. Thanks for going with me Jill and thanks BB Basher for showing up and offering to hold my hand!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Why is it if you own a nail salon or you do nails, people automatically think that you are Asian. I mean even the Asians are thinking that I am Asian. I got this in the mail this week. I get catalogs in Vietnamese all the time, I can't read a single word. I guess I won't be promoting the Viet Sports Betting at my salon, now will I?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ford Street

Finally! After many, many years of Ford Street looking like a war zone and many months of it being shut down, it is finally finished. Ford Street opened a few weeks ago. For as much as it cost and as long as it took, I was expecting the Yellow Brick Road.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Political signs are everywhere!

While in Vegas, we were behind this car. I found this display amusing. Later, at the airport, I saw a guy with a Sarah Palin shirt on that said "Omama". The t-shirt and sticker peeps are getting rich!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Travis found him!

He's alive! Travis kept sniffing around the turtle tank. I finally got up enough guts to get a flashlight and look for him and imagine my surprise when he looked back at me. I was able to lure him out with some Fruit Loops.

He is back in his cage, he is very skittish, which is understandable. I can't see any wounds, however, I can't really assess him since he is hiding a bit. He is climbing his tubes, which is a good sign.

I have tied the doors closed so that the cat can't do it again and will be getting the locks that they sell for that reason.

Thank you Travis for leading me to him! And to think I thought you ate him!

The unthinkable

I arrived home tonight to the unthinkable. After letting the dogs out, I started calling for Chip, like I always do. No response. I looked up, figuring he was in one of his enclosures up high that he loves. I then noticed the middle door. Hanging. Wide. Open. I knew then and there that the cat had gotten the door open.

I immediately locked the cat in a bedroom, the dogs in another, thinking I could lure Chip out with some of his favorite yummies. It was then that I saw the blood.

There was a little trail on the table, then smears on the kitchen floor. I have yet to find him. All hope was lost when I saw that blood. I fear that the cat injured him or killed him, then the dogs ate him.

How I wish Mr. Bruises was home. I can't bring myself to look for his little body. I just hope that it was quick for him. I guess I gave him four extra weeks of life, but it still sucks that he was massacred by his housemates. This is gonna be a long night.

A nail tech's car

Nail Tech's usually have all kinds of nail paraphernalia in their cars. You can usually find files, polish, lotion and sometimes glue. While in Vegas a few weeks ago, I spent some time with my friend and fellow Nail Tech, Lynn. Lynn has a KIA that isn't that old and it is so funny when you get in her vehicle and you realize that she put a bottle of glue in her cup holder. Well, the glue leaked and glued itself, change and any debris that was there to the bottom of the cup holder. I guess she better make sure she sells it to another Nail Tech!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dream Client

I get asked all the time, "If you could do anyone's nails, who would it be?" That's simple. Pink. I would love to do her nails.

Pink is a strong, independent woman, who is extremely talented. She is an awesome role model. She also seems like she would be into the cool, funky style that I would love to do all the time, but I live in Conservative, USA.

So, tell me who is your dream client? Who's hair do you want to do? Who's taxes would you like to do? Who would you like to sell a house to, take blood from, service their car? Tell me!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scarehouse Week 2

I worked Scarehouse last night and was it insane! It was announced early last week that the night was sold out. The TAPS crew from Ghost Hunters were making an appearance and I can't believe how many people came out to see them and stood in line for nearly five hours. The line was around the building, which is the equivalent on at least one block. Everyone was very pleasant though.

I just love working at Scarehouse. There is such a diverse group of people who work there that I would probably have never met if it wasn't for working there. A ton of Derby people work there. BB Basher and Speeder Rotten Tail are first timers this year.

Delirium is the very popular lady this year. At 4:30 tonight, when the crowd started lining up for the 7:00 start, I met a local 13 year old who was trying to get her autograph. He said that someone from school was offering $60 to anyone who could get her autograph. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I could make me some money!

Even though I don't watch the Ghosthunter show, remember people, I don't like scary things, I did get to meet two of the stars. This is Steve, who everyone in the crowd referred to as "The Hot One".
And this is Tango, who I would like to refer to as "The Most Under Rated" He's pretty hot too!

The highlight for me though, even after meeting two celebrities, was FINALLY getting to hug and see Julian and Devon. I have missed these two terribly. Julian is in the shower scene and wears the cutest little ducky that has been passed around. I swear, I have photos of at least three other people with it taken over the summer.

If you are coming out to Scarehouse this season, PLEASE, pre-purchase your tickets. We sold out both Friday and Saturday evenings this week and this is the first official week. Purchasing your ticket in advance will ensure that you get in. Also, if the lines are long, you can upgrade to a $30 RIP Pass ($13 Upgrade) and you can skip right to the front of the line. So no 3-5 hour wait!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ford City Royalty

Ford City's 44th Annual Homecoming was held tonight. I have always joked with client, Darlene (Wick) Costanzo that I do the nails of Ford City royalty. Darlene was crowned Ford City's first Homecoming Queen on October 10, 1964.

Tonight, Bethany Campbell, was crowned Ford City's 44th Homecoming Queen! Sorry, I take really sucky photos when I am cold!

Unfortunately, Ford City lost tonight. I do have to say, this was the worst officiating I have seen in a long time.

Ford City Fire!

I awoke this morning to find a text photo from my BFF, Jill. It was sent at seven this morning. From looking at the photo, I was sure that Citizen's Bank in Ford City was on fire. I immediately started to panic since Mr. Bruises has been moving money around due to the bank crisis and the whole cap on insured funds. I know that he went down yesterday to do somethings and he is en route to Daytona Beach right now.

I immediately jumped in my car and found to my relief it wasn't the bank. Sadly, it was another large building in Ford City. The building was the home of the mural of Gus Frerotte that stood for many years, half finished.

The fire started sometime before six and at nine they were still fighting it. I don't know how many fire companies were there, but I did see Butler. Ford City's water pressure was next to nothing, so they had to bring in tankers to pump water for use.

Scarehouse Opening Night!

Last Friday was the opening night for Scarehouse. Since they were named by Hauntworld Magazine as one of the top haunts in America (Number 5, actually), the Travel Channel was there filming a special.

We had a few derby girls come out and show some love. I never did get a photo of Whipsmart, who was first in line!!
Helen Fire and CC DeKill came out.

So did Beath Death. This is Mr. Bruises favorite skater!

Dr. Feelgood chased everyone down the street. It was a great night. Come out and see us! Scarehouse is open Thursday-Sunday through November 1. Wear your Depends, trust me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

We were in Vegas Saturday until yesterday for the Suzuki convention. It always amazes me the amount of women that travel in heels. I mean stilettos. My feet swell and ache with just flip flops on. Why would you torture your feet like that. Everyone knows that you walk miles when traveling.

We arrived in Vegas, and went to pick up the rental car. The chick at the counter told Mr. Bruises that he was getting a brand new car and he could “break it in”. We walked up to the car and it doesn’t look all that brand new. Get in, turn on the ignition. Gee, I guess brand new cars come standard with 15,000 miles on then nowadays.

Mr. Bruises and I have a tradition that as soon as we leave the airport, we hit In-N-Out Burger. The burgers there rock and we don’t have them back home.

We then headed to the Rio. Mr. Bruises thought we would be smart and use valet parking, only to have to sit and wait about 10 minutes for them to clear a spot for our car. We seriously could have parked our own car and walked to check in faster.

The gal at the check in was really nice. She teased Mr. Bruises that he had to come to Vegas to work. She then made sure I was all taken care of with a pool pass and a spa discount so that I would have things to do while he was “working”.

Mr. Bruises asked if they had any rooms with king sized beds. They did, but they were smoking, so we opted for the room with two doubles. She promised to get us a good view. Walking to the room, Mr. Bruises commented out loud if the good view was going to be like the brand new car.

As we rounded the corner to head down the hall, we realized our room was at the very end. Sitting, near our door, in the hallway was a girl on a chair with a tote bag. As we passed, we saw that she had a Rio tag. She was there all night. Mr. Bruises went out gambling after I retired and he said that at 3 am, there was a guy sitting there. I assumed that they were paid chaperones, but it turns out that they were doing constructions on most of the rooms around us and they were security. Mr. Bruises does a good imitation of the first guard that we saw.

On Sunday, we went to Red Rock Canyon. Can you say beautiful! That is exactly what this area was.

Later that evening, we went to see the Criss Angel, Mindfreak show "Believe" Wow! Awesome. Very edgy. We were the third show. It isn't officially open yet, but it was a sell out just the same.

Monday was spent in the best way possible. It involved the pool, a book and a pina colada. Every day should be like this.

Tuesday, I spent the day with my BFF Lynn, who lives in Vegas. We went out for breakfast and then did a little shopping. She then took me to her salon and did an awesome new set of Rockstar toes on me.
Lynn just got extensions taken out of her hair and she was scheduled to get her hair trimmed at the salon that day too. I got to meet her co-worker Michael. I was pleased to inform Mr. Bruises that Michael drives a Mini Cooper! My theory has been proven yet once again!