Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Laws Are Made For the Guilty

If you’ve never been the victim of something, I have news for you, the laws are there to protect those who mean to harm you.  Those who threaten you, who stalk you and who harass you, they have rights.  Even though you may be a victim, they have the right to do those things to you until you finally get to the point where the system will finally stop them.

This is something that I never realized.  I guess it may be that I try to follow the rules, follow the laws, that I was oblivious to this.  I never realized how messed up our system was until I had experience with it first hand.

An individual can be mentally ill and be allowed to repeatedly harass you, threaten to kill you in many ways, threaten others and even invade your personal space, but they still have rights.

Some of those rights are the right to be able to walk around and continue the threats and harassment.  The right to have a family member bail them out only to have them run and be unaccounted for.  The right to show up for plea court with no representation, so that the trial is continued for another month while they TRY to get them to accept a public defender.  This has happened three times now.

So as a victim, you are left, clearing your schedules to make court appearances, to testify against them, only to have those trials continued another month because they showed up again, representing themselves, and they are deemed not competent to do so by the court. 

What does it take for family and the system to see that they are dangerous?  Do they actually have to harm or kill someone?  It’s a sad state of affairs.

Family members will bail them out and then dismiss you, as someone, who is  overreacting.  “They don’t know where you live” yet they come to your home when they aren’t permitted within 50 yards of you, your home or your workplace.  “They don’t have anything on them to hurt you”, I guess that means weapons, yet the deadliest weapons we all have are our hands.  “I guess you are happy now” when they fuck up for the umpteenth time now and are going back to jail.

Its time to stop making excuses for these people.  Stop coddling them.  Stop bailing them out.  Start making them accountable for their actions, get them the help that they need.

Tomorrow, I hope we are finally on the way to stopping this destructive behavior we’ve been dealing with for years, most seriously since November.  It’s time to get this person the help that he needs.  He doesn’t need to be out, running amok, living as a homeless person, unaccounted for.  It’s time he is either in an institution or a jail cell.  He lost his right to live as he wants to a long, long time ago.

It’s time to take our lives back, one without fear, one without having to constantly look over our shoulders.  A life that doesn’t begin with having to check into SAVIN and the PA Docket application each morning to ensure that he is still in jail.

Tomorrow, we pray that it begins to be our time.  We are going to be able to stand and look at this individual and say “FUCK YOU”.  You don’t own us.  You have no right to treat us this way.   Our rights outweigh your rights ten to one.