Friday, June 8, 2018

Getting an Inground Pool? Buyer Beware.......

We entered into a contract with Nichols Pool Company in Jeannette, PA/Irwin, PA, whatever address they are using now, in May 2017 (They have disabled their FB page after I reviewed them). Work was to start on July 10, 2017 but work never started until July 31, 2017 and they never finished. We never got any of our equipment or cover. We owed them $3800 and didn’t give them a dime more than we already had given.

We spent nearly $10,000 purchasing equipment from a local pool company and having them finish as well as having an excavator fix our destroyed yard and second driveway.

For more information on owner Nolan Nichols and what he did to others before us please see news video here and be sure to check out his record here

We wish someone had shared this information with us before we contracted with them. Our goal is to never let this guy scam anyone else.

 We were so excited this day.  They were to start on 7-10, but three weeks later we have a hole!

 My nieces and nephew enjoying the hole two weeks later.

 We have a frame

 Getting ready for concrete

 Still getting ready for concrete

Concrete poured.  They had to rip out the whole left side because concrete set too fast

 They finally lay the concrete on the left side again.

 Finally come back to power wash the release powder off of the concrete

 Working on pool bottom

 Still working on pool bottom

 Still working on pool bottom

 Pool bottom finally finished

 Liner installed and filled with water.  We find out later that they never put the light in the light fixture.

 No safety cover, they covered with a tarp for the season.  This was the las time they were on our property.

Now we start with a local company to fix this mess.

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