Friday, January 14, 2011


I thought I was dying on Wednesday.  I woke up and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and when I went to let the dogs out, I got so dizzy I nearly passed out.  It passed, I sat for a few hours and drank coffee, ate oatmeal and surfed the net.  When I got into the shower, I was having a hard time breathing again and got dizzy once more.  After showering and getting dressed, I just felt so hot.   I had no cold symptoms, no fever but I did have the pain between my shoulder blades that I get fairly regularly that I attribute to doing nails all day long.

I drove to work, still having a hard time breathing.  I decided that maybe I needed to go to the hospital.  I had two clients coming that I needed to do because they were getting their nails done for special occasions.  I texted a client/friend, who is a nurse and asked for some advice.  I wanted to make sure I wasn't over reacting.  She told me to go to the hospital.  She thought I was nuts that I was going to do two people and go in two hours.  As I sat there, I started feeling worse.  I called the second client and told her I needed to reschedule and she said she was leaving for vacation in the morning.  She understood, but I still felt bad.

I called BFF Jill to see, if chance, she could do this client for me and she asked what was up and I explained everything to her and she said she was going to close up shop and come up and take me to the hospital.  I told her that I was fine to drive myself, she told me she would rather I NOT do that and to wait for her, so I did. 

At this point, it is too late to call my first client.  She comes in the door right before Jill gets there and she agrees with everyone else, go to the hospital.  So Jill comes and she brings a local paramedic, who is off duty with her.  He agrees go to the hospital, but he thinks I should call the ambulance.  I told him that one ambulance call to The Purple Pinkie was enough (We had a client pass out in November and had to call for help).  I insisted I was okay to have Jill drive me.

Off we went.  Long story short, I got an EKG, chest x-ray, lots of blood taken and everything looked okay.  They did, however, want to keep me over night so that I could have my blood enzymes checked every six hours to see if something went on with my heart.  Then, if that was all good, they wanted me to have a stress test in the morning.

So, long story short, I have a healthy heart.  They think I have either Reflux or I had a gallbladder attack.  It's good to know that my heart is healthy.  I don't have high blood pressure.  I just now have to figure out what foods trigger these events.

As I spent all of that time in the ER room, all I kept thinking was that this was the same bay that my mom and Nick's mom were in.  These were both times that they left the hospital.  I then wondered if these were the same bays that they died in.  I wasn't there when either of them passed, I was enroute from derby practice when Nancy passed and I was in Florida when my mother passed.  I just kept thinking of them. 

When I got admitted to my room, it was number 325.  My mother's birthday was March 25.  I think both of these wonderful ladies were with me through my ordeal.  I am thankful I have so many friends that helped me out.  BFF Jill for taking me and staying with me.  Betsy for such great advice and staying with me until I went to my room and checking in on my until I went home.  Jason for coming over to see if he could help.  Tammy for taking my boys for the night and bringing my book.  Sherri and Bonnie who checked up on my and saved me from having to stay another night because they kept me from eating breakfast and getting my stress test on the schedule.  Amanda for sending her husband Dave to pick me up at the hospital and take me to the salon.  Kylie and Regina for holding down the fort at the salon even though they had just as much as me going on in their life.

It's times like these that you really appreciate the people in your life.  I have been blessed with some wonderful people and for that, I am thankful.