Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am going out tonight with friends and it's been a long time since I've dressed up. Here's a look at years past! Oh, what a hoot!

Here, Mr. Bruises and I dressed as ourselves at 80 years old. Mr. Bruises had a urinal on the front of his walker and everyone would deposit beer into it and he drank out of it and it looked like pee!

This is from when I was in business school. There are the gals that I car pooled with!

This is from my Jamesway days! I won best costume that year and earned myself a $50 gift certificate!

This is one of my favorites! I am a rag doll, but who is Mr. Bruises? An old girlfriend, maybe?

We got some mileage out of these caveman costumes. We've worn them a few times and won a fifth of vodka with them!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bed Hog!

I've been saying for some time now, that I was going to sleep with a camera under my pillow so that I can prove what an utter bed hog Travis is. Well last night, I finally did it.

Each night when we go to bed, Riley lays at the bottom of our queen sized bed. Travis then comes up and when he is told "Off", he just pulls dead weight and plops down between Mr. Bruises and I. He won't leave.

Eventually Riley gets warm and moves to his bed on the floor. Travis then moves to the bottom of the bed. Through the night, he gets very comfy. He literally stretches as much as he can. Usually, he ends up horizontal, to our vertical.

As these photos prove, he's very comfy. Remember that Mr. Bruises is to the left and I am to the right.

This photo shows how he has clearly shoved me pretty much off of the bed. My lower legs and feet aren't even on the bed.

I think we need a bigger bed, but I was told that even if we did get one, nothing will change, there will just be more open space in the middle.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Man and His Donkey

When Mr. Bruises and Tammy were in Oatman, AZ a few weeks ago, Tammy snapped this photo and shared it on Facebook. I could NOT pass up the opportunity to share it myself and have some fun with it. I t just screamed for a caption, so I challenged all my friends to come up with a caption for the photos. This is what I received!

A donkey and a Jackass walk into a bar......

The girls here could use a little makeup.

is that a carrot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

In the voice of Al Pacino - GREAT ASS!!!

Reunited after all these years, two brothers, separated at birth, have added another piece to the puzzle of their broken family...

I see Mr. Bruises bought another pet so he's not the biggest ass in the family...

Marriage laws at new low!!!

REGULATORS!!!! Mount up.. Or in a mexican accent, O Pancho, O Cisco!!! May be before your time.

I'm tellin's the first time in years I've seen my a$$...

Nick aka Mr. Bruises
Great looking awsome guy makes a new friend in Oatman Az!

(In response to Nick)Naaaahhhhh. That's really boring.

Nick aka Mr. Bruises
who made that mess in the corner of the photo?

Ummm, is there somwhere we can go without paparazzi???

Come one come all and witness the wildest donkey show!!

A man and his ass...............

See, I didn't lose my ass in Vegas!

Which ones Nick

OK I recognise the sun glasses... sorry buddy.

Does my ass look big this photo?

ohhhlala human, i like i like, what an ANIMAL!

"I finally got a picture that flatters my ass!"

"One of us is an ass......"

"NASA discovers new way of amusing astronauts in at 11"

"Ghetto booty is over-rated, but check out my sweet new ass, Man!"

"Everyone else voted for botox, but I decided to get a new ass instead."

ok I'll be the bad one..."is that a banana in your pocket...or are ya just glad to see me?"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Health Notice

Saturday, when I went to pick BFF Jill up for our shopping trip, I noticed a sign on her door. I stood there and read it, then thought to myself, "You go girl, go on with your bad self". I then took a picture and shared it on Facebook. We got a ton of comments on the photo. One of my friends, who is in the industry belongs to a mommy forum in the state of Indiana and she shared it on her forum.

Every forum has their trolls. You know the ones. They are the ones that find fault in anything that certain people type. No matter what it is. This forum is no different and this person, let's call her "Indy" has a real bug up her ass about the sign.

Here are some direct quotes from her ( I am leaving all of her spelling errors):

If I saw this posted on a salon door/window, I would never set foot in there again. I would tell anyone I ever met not to set foot in there. I think it is presumtuous and incredibly rude.

When you choose a job where you are working with the public, this is the chance you take. And, I believe it is your choice. It is not a time to alienate customers, I wouldn't think. If you don't want the flu, wear a mask. Stay home. Cut your hours. It is YOUR responsibility, not everyone elses. Alternatively, if you work with the public, you should pretty much expect to get sick. Period. If you don't wish to get all the illnesses going around, then get a job where you aren't around many people (I am only around other staff all day).

This is just so freakin rude to me. Now HERE is where I see a sense of entitlement that is not yours. Shows very poor behavior, I think. And a horrible attitude to people who pay your bills.

I know, you are all thinking that this bitch is on crack, so do we. First, we are self-employed. If we don't work, we don't get paid so cutting our hours is not an option. If we get sick, we have no sick pay, so if YOU make ME sick, I lose money. Also, all the patrons in the salon risk getting sick as well because of YOUR selfish ass. Who has a sense on entitlement here? Lastly, just because we provide a service, it does not mean you PAY MY BILLS. I owe you nothing but a safe environment to get a service. Also, as a business owner, I can refuse service for any reason. Period. Lastly, in the state of PA, it is against state board rules to provide a service when you have an infection or contagious disease AND it is also against rules to provide a service ON someone that has one.

So, BFF Jill and I created our newest video that is dedicated to this Dumb Ass of the Week from the state of Indiana. We even wrote a little jingle for her. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sylus visits!

We had another doggie visitor at The Purple Pinkie this week. This is Sylus, he is an Italian Mastiff Cane Corso. He is the most beautiful color I have ever seen. He is known as a blue, but his coat is like a pinkish, grayish blue. He is so much more handsome in person and boy is he a LEANER!! He belongs to Kylie's friend Jocelyn and he was on his way home from a vet appointment when he stopped in for a visit.

I got the official full body sniff down when I arrived at home. You can't get anything by those dogs! I hope they don't know that I kissed him!

Monday, October 26, 2009


This is what happens when you try for thirty minutes to remove a contact lens that obviously isn't there. It must have fallen out without me noticing. I also, had just finished doing my nails. Square. It's now been two days and the eye is back to normal.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Apron

Well here it is, the shop apron that I sewed a week or so ago. I love the material and I love the pattern, but I don't love the two together. I think I would like it better if it was shorter, a solid color and maybe out of a heavier fabric.

Look at the awesome job I did of matching up the pattern on the pockets. I am very pleased with that part. I thought I would be fancy and use black thread, but the only thing it did was show exactly how crooked I sew!

I may reattempt this project again with the changes listed above. I've got to catch the sewing bug again, though.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!

I can't believe that my sweet little Travis is two today!! If you want to read all about Travis, you can find it HERE and HERE. We started the evening off with a cupcake scavenger hunt. Travis had a ball running through the house hunting for cupcakes. The weather wasn't so nice today so we had to do it indoors.

We then had the official cake, which was a little Fillet Mignon treat pack. Riley had his two cupcakes at this time. Riley is watching his golden figure, so he bowed out of the scavenger hunt.

Then it was present time! Travis AND Riley both got presents. They always each get presents whenever one or the other has a birthday.

Finally, we posed for a photo. Mr. Bruises took the photo. Everyone is so happy in this photo! Everyone is being so good, except for Kallie. She is being her usual, bitchy self.

Happy Birthday Travis, aka Travee, Travis Pupstranna, Kissie Face, Little P, T-Rex and the gazillion other nick names we have for you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Adventures in Healthcare

Tuesday, I had an appointment to visit the "Lady" doctor. I became suspicious when I didn't receive a confirmation call. I called the office to confirm the appointment and to find out their new location, since the office had moved since I had last been in. The receptionist informed me that I had CANCELLED my appointment for that day. Well all I know is someone no-showed them because they cancelled the wrong appointment. Luckily, my appointment time was still available and I could still go in.

I arrive ten minutes before my appointment in case I have to fill out any paperwork. The is a very annoying woman in the waiting room with me that just goes on and on about how tired she is and that she's falling asleep waiting. Well, that's what happens when you smoke crack! On and on and on. Complain, complain, complain, complain. She tells the receptionist that she wants to take a walk outside to wake up, she is told that she is next. She goes out anyway. They call her name, she is not there. Fifteen minutes later she returns and is all pissed off because they called her and she wasn't there.

Next, a lady that is deaf and mute walks in and tries to communicate with the receptionist. She finally resorts in writing a message. She wants to know why the office next door isn't open. How in the hell is the receptionist supposed to know? That would be like coming in my salon and asking me why the insurance agency next door is closed. Anyway 15 minutes later, no exaggeration, the lady leaves.

By this time, I am in the waiting room ONE HOUR past my scheduled appointment. I am ready to beat the shit out of Crack Head. I'm so sleepy! I am falling asleep! I had to literally go to my happy place to keep from screaming "Quit smoking fucking crack" at her.

Finally I am called back. I actually don't have to sit and wait too long back there. Score!! I find out that I have to have a few tests and some blood work done. So, I head off for the hospital next door.

I walk in, get in line and who the hell do you think is in line in front of me? CRACK HEAD. Good lord. Guess what? She is getting blood work done too! FML

Now, I get to hear all about how she is 39 years old and may be pregnant. Oh, and her husband is dead. Blah, blah, blah. I am reaching real deep now, people.

She gets called in. Thank goodness. I am sitting there enjoying my peace and quiet. Then, the fire alarm goes off. No one seems too concerned. A few people walk past with fire extinguishers and the elevators get shut down. No one tries to evacuate anyone, so I just sit there and Crack Head is still in there getting her blood work.

I look up and who do I see coming out of the snack bar? The deaf mute lady. OMG the crazies are all following me!!!!

Fifteen minutes pass and more people show up for blood work. The alarm is still going off, it sounds like a deranged trolley bell. It's annoying.

I finally get called back. GOODIE! I get in the curtain area next to Crack Head. Apparently they have worked all this time trying to get blood out of her veins. They finally had to call in an IV team. You can tell that the two techs are ready to put a shoe in her ass.

My tech is excellent. I barely feel a pinch and he removes three vials of blood quickly and painlessly. I am on my way out in a few minutes. Crack Head, is still there, preparing to annoy more people as the evening progresses.

As I am leaving, the fire trucks are outside. I overhear that it is a "non-emergency" most likely a smoking ballast in the entry. While leaving, two more fire trucks are pulling in.

That was too much excitement in two hours. That was entirely too much crazy as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feel Your Boobies!

Saturday, BFF Jill, Bex and I went shopping in The Strip. We encountered a Steeler Cheerleader with pink hair. He/She was promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He posed for a photo with us, we gave him a breast exam and we promised to remind all of our girlfriends to FEEL YOUR BOOBIES!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mitten Fail

I've been working on a pair of mittens for what seems like a year. Good mittens are hard to find, especially ones that fit my small hands. I usually resort to kids mittens, but knitted ones are hard to find, you mainly find fleece ones.

I found a pattern for an easy pair of knitted mittens. I've crocheted mittens before, but I like the look of knitted ones. I thought what the heck, I will give it a shot.

Well....something seems to be wrong with the pattern. I made the first mitten on the left. It was way too small, so I made the NEXT SIZE listed. You will see that it is freakishly way too long. I've checked and rechecked and I followed the pattern. I think this is a screwed up pattern.

Back to crocheting mittens for me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unfinished Projects

Last week was a major crafting week for me. Well it was actually last Tuesday, not the whole week. I've been wanting to make a shop apron for some time now. I haven't sewed in a few years so I initially asked my friend Annoyed Angel to sew it for me. We were unable to hook up after PodCamp, so I thought, what the heck, I may give it a whirl.

While picking up some sewing supplies that I needed, I remembered that I had started a rag quilt years ago. I dug out the box that had all the supplies inside and realized that I had it all cut out, batting cut and pinned together. I just needed to machine quilt each block, sew all blocks together, snip edges, wash and dry.

I did this all last Tuesday. This is a very easy quilt to do, you just cut squares of fabric, then cut batting in squares that are one inch shorter, I screwed up and mine were 3/4 inch, but it was no big deal. You then pin two squares of fabric with the wrong sides facing, with a piece of batting in between. I machine quilted in an X pattern on all the squares.

Once you figure out what your final pattern will be, you sew the squares together using a 1 inch, or in my case, 3/4 inch seam allowance and have all the seams facing the back. You then cut each each seam ever 1/4 inch. This is what it looked like right before I washed and dried the quilt.

After the quilt was washed and dried, the seams all frayed and fluffed up. The more you wash and dry it the more it will fluff. I thought it turned out fabulous!

Since I was all warmed up in the sewing department, I decided to tackle the shop apron. It turned out great. I hope to get someone to snap a photo of me wearing it in the salon soon so that I can post it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poor Service and Holding a Grudge

My salon has been open five years and four months. When it first opened, I had an experience with a local company, that provides a service that I needed at the time. It was an experience, let me tell you and five years later, I realize, I am still holding a grudge against them. I will not mention the name of the business or the type of service that they provide. I am going to be general, but the story needs to be told because customer service is really lacking now a days and businesses are not holding their employees accountable for giving crap ass service and they are losing business because of it.

I called the company to inquire about their service. They connected me to a rep, who made an appointment to meet me at the salon. The ONLY day she could meet me was a day the salon was closed, but I wanted the service so I agreed. I go into the salon, on my day off and guess what? The rep no-shows me. THREE days later she calls to apologize. She forgot until just then. So we made another appointment, however, from now on I am only making them when we are open, but I did schedule a block of time out of my schedule so that I wouldn't be working on a client when the rep came in.

Appointment two arrives, the rep actually shows up, but the device that she is expected to run, she doesn't know how to use. She leaves after ten minutes and reschedules me in a couple of days. More blank time in my book.

Appointment three arrives, she knows how to use the device! Guess what? She must have practiced with it for three days because now, the batteries are dead. AGAIN, she leaves after 10 minutes and reschedules for a couple of days later. MORE blank time out of my book, which those of you who aren't in the business may not know, blank time equals zero pay.

Finally, on the FOURTH appointment, she was able to operate the device, the device as fully charged and she got what she needed. At this point, she hands me a credit application. I inform her that I have no intentions of opening a credit account with the company, I would like to pay cash. I am informed that ALL new clients had to fill them out. So, I fill it out. I have to put all PERSONAL and business banking information as well as social security number. I am totally surprised that they didn't require a blood and urine sample.

I gave her the application and payment for my service and she was on her way. Over the next few months, I used their service again. Each time, she would ask me for my payment. One day, when she finally had hit my last nerve, I asked her about my credit application and this supposed credit line, since she seemed to always want to be paid before the service is provided. She informed me that my application was DENIED. I asked why. She did not know. I was given a number at their home office to call.

I called home office and was informed that it was denied because I was a NEW BUSINESS! The service that the company was providing was for NEW BUSINESSES! I asked why I had to fill out a credit application when it was going to be immediately denied. I was then informed that it was my CHOICE to fill it out. I informed her that I was told I had to fill it out if I wanted the service. She informed me that the rep was wrong.

At this point. My head blew off. Luckily I was able to reattach it. I called the rep and she actually got smart with me about it. I informed her that by her actions, her company could be sued because they were requiring a credit application for service, denying credit and not sending an Adverse Action Notice, which is required by law anytime someone applies for credit and is denied for any reason. I used to work in the banking industry, so I know my shit. See by her actions, even though she was wrong, she put her company in jeopardy.

I wrote a letter to the head of the company with all documentation. I asked about their Privacy Policy and how records are kept. I asked to have my application destroyed or returned to me since I was not comfortable with ALL of my business and personal banking information and social security number in a file for anyone to look up and see and possibly steal my identity.

I received a letter back. No apology. No trying to make things right. Just a letter, informing me that my application and file was sent to their attorney. If I had any other questions to contact him.

Wow! Great way to handle your business. Karma's a bitch because within six months BOTH the rep and the head are gone from the company. I find this out when a new rep comes in wanting to provide me service again. I inform her that the damage is done. I am done with the company.

Fast forward five years. I am asked by a friend, associated with the business why I don't use the business. I tell the story. I am then informed that someone from that business made an appointment to get their nails done at the salon and when she was talking about it, a co-worker asked her why she was coming to my salon when I didn't patronize the business that they worked for. Again. My head blew off. I just found it and luckily, I was able to reattach it ONCE AGAIN.

So, let me just say this. I do not patronize the business that you work for because the two people that I was exposed to were incompetent idiots that did not give one rat's ass about how they treated me. I see, based on this attitude that they still have some house cleaning to do internally. So, you think I should patronize your business after all that? I think not.

Maybe holding a grudge for five years is ridiculous. I can tell you this, after this last episode, I don't think that the grudge is going away any time soon. I am thankful that I don't need their services. I pray that the attitudes change because I would hate to see a few great people, who actually DO their job and do it well, punished because of the actions of a few bad apples.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Building and Retaining a Clientele

I belong to a number of nail-related forums. I participate in a lot of networking events. I mentor nail techs. I read and hear all of the time how some nail techs are struggling with building a clientele or keeping clientele.

A lot of techs blame the salon or the salon owner. They feel that not much is being done in terms of advertising to get people in the door. What a lot of techs don't realize is that YOU have to market yourself. The salon can get clients in the door, but it is up to YOU and your service to keep them coming back for more. Most techs don't consider retention when building a clientele.

So if you are struggling, ask yourself, do people come back? If not why? Do you give a crappy one, two, three massage with a manicure? Do you talk to your clients during the service or do you just try to bang them out in the fastest time possible? Do you talk on your cell phone through the entire service? Is your end result something that you are proud of? Is your station clean?

All of these issues will affect if a client will return for a service with you. No one wants a half-assed job. No one wants to have someone so engrossed in getting you in and out, that they will not have a conversation with you. No one wants to listen to your personal conversations on a cell phone through their entire service that they are paying for.

A lot of people want to blame the economy for their lack of clientele right now. That is just a cop out,in my opinion. Every study has shown that our industry has stayed steady and is actually growing. The salon industry has thrived each and every time there has been a recession. People feel better when they take care of themselves.

So, if you are struggling to build or maintain a clientele, I think it's time to ask yourself some questions and quit making excuses.

Friday, October 9, 2009

We need a bigger bed!

Last night, Mr. Bruises and I were watching the news. Travis was in the living room with us and we realized that Riley was missing. I went back to our bedroom and this is what I found, Riley and Kallie already tucked in bed snoozing.

I guess they were going to bed early so that they could secure their spots in the bed. As you can see, we have a queen sized bed. With two 70 plus pound goldens, a cat and two humans, our bed is ridiculously small!

We've considered getting a king or California king for awhile now. The problem with that idea is that we would have to eliminate a piece of furniture. We don't have a lot of closet space as it is, so the two dressers that we have are needed. I guess we could just have the bed up against the wall, however I like to be able to walk around the bed, it makes changing the linens easier.

I have two, really expensive, therapeutic doggie beds on the floor and a kitty bed on our head board that are going unused. I really think that these animals think that this is "their" bed and they let us sleep with them!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Move Over Punxy Phil

Travis was eyeing up a little, fuzzy, black and brown caterpillar today. I rescued the caterpillar before Travis could eat it. I thought that it was strange to see one this time of year. When I think of caterpillars, I think spring.

I came inside, hopped on the Internet to see if I could find any information on this cute little creature. Turns out it's a Woolly Bear caterpillar and it's totally normal to see them this time of year, they are actually a sign of fall. According to The Ohio State University article the Woolly Bear caterpillar has long been a forecaster of winter weather.

"According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the longer the middle brown band, the milder and shorter the coming winter; the shorter the brown band, the longer and more severe winter will be."

Well, judging by this little guy that I found, I would say winter isn't going to be all that bad.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Mocking Bird

Yes, I know this isn't a mocking bird, that it's a cardinal, however, let me tell you, this bird "mocks" me daily. It has been going on for about two weeks now.

It's a male, you can tell by how bright he is. Isn't it funny how most male animals are flashier than females?
When I first heard his mocking, I thought it was Chip's new paramour, the male chippie that lives under the carport. The little squeeking noise the cardinal was making, sounds just like a chipmunk chirp. I grabbed my camera to see if I could get a photo of the chippie in love.
I quickly realized that it was a cardinal. Every day, that's all I hear, squeek, sqeek, squeek. I swear this bird just sits outside my window mocking me. He squeeks in the front of the house, he squeeks in the back of the house. The only reason why he is not squeeking right now is that it's so windy out, I think he had to take cover.
Come to think of it, I haven't put any birdseed out in awhile. Maybe he isn't mocking me, he is just bitching at me because the buffet is open but there is no food out!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The End of a Legend

It has taken me three months to write about this. I am so ticked off, even today, it makes me want to find the jackass responsible and hurt them. Last September, I wrote about Grunt's Leg. I, like many others, grew up with that leg. I've taken joy in introducing many people to the leg, many of whom have lived here their entire lives and didn't know about it's existence. Grunt's Leg was a part of Ford City and part of our heritage.

In mid July, we noticed that the leg was gone. Through the grapevine, we heard that a utility company wanted the leg down, so a "concerned" neighbor took it down. It is now residing in someone's camp behind Garda's Restaurant.
First, no utility company wanted it down. That's just bullshit. There are NO utilities connected to that pole, the only purpose that pole served was to hold that wooden leg.
Second, that leg was up there for over 30 years. So now you are going to tell me that suddenly, after 30 years a company wants it down. Bullshit again.
To me, it sounds as though someone wanted a "trophy" for their camp, so they took it. Shame on you. You are such a selfish jackass to make it so that no one but yourself can enjoy the history and legend that is Grunt's Leg.
Mr Bruises says it's all my fault that this happened. He said that I brought attention to the leg by writing about it on my blog. Maybe he's right, maybe I did cause this to happen.
All I know, is if I find out where it is, I am breaking and entering to take back what belongs to Ford City and if anyone gets in my way, they are getting the shit beat out of them with Grunt's Leg.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is coming

Fall is upon us. It is a beautiful time of year, yet it means winter is coming. I hate winter with a passion. I want to live in CA and Mr. Bruises wants to live in FL. We compromise and stay here in PA. Some compromise.

I love to take photos of the boys in the fall. It's something about how sunny it is and the color of the fall leaves coordinating with their golden coats. I snapped a new photos of the boys and I last week. In typical fashion, Travis was being a stinker, he was more interested in the sticks that I was sitting on than posing for some photos.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whip It!

The GNO girls and I had lunch together then went to see the new Roller Derby movie Whip It. It is a great movie and is pretty accurate. About the only things I don't agree with are the elbowing to the face stuff and the fighting, but this is Hollywood we are talking about, but for the most part, they got it right.

Steel City Derby Demons even had a skater in the film. Kat Von D' Stroya, who transferred to SCDD from the Detroit Derby Girls, earlier this summer, played herself in the movie, a member of the Black Widows. It was so great to see Kat skate in the film.

Many were afraid that seeing this movie would light the fire within me again. I will admit, I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach a couple of times. My body, however, has told me that enough is enough. I am possibly exploring additional options that may be the best of both worlds. Stay tuned.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bus Stop Wars Continue

Those of you who have been readers remember The Bus Stop Wars from last year and the second part of it. I finally thought, after having three conversations with this woman and having the police come and have her move her car twice that we had finally gotten through to her. It seems like summer break made her stupid again. Yesterday, there she was AGAIN, blocking our parking lot. It's a different car, and a different kid getting picked up, but it is clearly the SAME LADY.

I had to seriously walk away after taking the photo. If I went out to have a reasonable conversation with her, it would have gotten ugly really fast. The bus stop, which I had moved last year, is now approximately 50 yards from where she parks her car. This bus stops at the correct location and the kid walks all that way to the car.

First, wouldn't it make more sense to PARK WHERE THE BUS STOPS? I mean, really, there is plenty of parking there. Second, if you INSIST on parking in my parking lot, why can't you park like a normal human being in a parking space? Why must you park in the middle of the entrance to the parking lot so that no one can enter or exit?

You, my dear, are the Dumb Ass of the Week. It's been awhile since I've awarded it!

Friday, October 2, 2009

High Maintenance?

I've never thought of myself as being high maintenance. Mr. Bruises, however thinks that I have entirely too many beauty products. Each day as he is in the shower, I can hear things falling and dropping. I seriously don't know what that boy does in the shower because I could do the Electric Slide and The Chicken Dance in there and nothing would get knocked down.

I read an article once that said that the average woman uses a dozen beauty products in a day. It got me thinking. I started counting, and holy bejesus, I use 25! over TWICE the amount the average woman uses. Now, in my defense, a few of the products I wouldn't necessarily classify as a beauty prouct. Shampoo and soap are necessities.
So here they are, in order of use per day:

  1. Facial Cleanser
  2. Soap
  3. Shower Gel (Shut up, I use both, some areas are too delicate for shower gel)
  4. Shaving Lotion
  5. Shampoo
  6. Conditioner
  7. Eye Cream
  8. Facial Moisturizer
  9. Lamasi Lotion (I would die without this stuff)
  10. Heel Cream
  11. Toothpaste
  12. Tongue Cleaning Spray
  13. Deodarant
  14. Contact Lens Solution
  15. Foundation
  16. Blush
  17. Eyeshadow
  18. Eyeliner
  19. Mascara
  20. Lipgloss
  21. Moraccan Oil
  22. Root Pump
  23. Hairspray
  24. Hand Soap
  25. Perfume

Now, from start to finish, from the time my feet hit the shower until I am dressed and ready to head out of the door takes thirty minutes. High Maintenance? I don't think so. I am just a Product Whore.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Pod Camp 4

I am a very outgoing person. I do, however, have a tendency to be a little shy when I am going into places that I pretty much know no one. Sometimes it's hard for me to enter an event without someone familiar by my side. I am stepping out of my comfort zone next weekend and I am going to attend Pittsburgh Pod Camp 4. This event is all about social media, which I have come to know and love the past couple of years.

Of the 400 some people that will be there, I have met about four in person. I wanted BFF Jill to come with me, but she has other obligations. So, I am going it alone and hoping to make some new friends.

If any of you would like to go with me, I would welcome the company. It's FREE and the schedule looks amazing!