Monday, June 30, 2008

Nail Tech Superstar Wannabes

The Internet is a powerful force. You can network with others around the world for just about anything. I've been networking with other nail technicians online since 2001. On the Internet, anyone can be any person they want to be. Most people are themselves, and portray themselves accurately. Then, there are those that want to be something that they are not, but portray themselves as though they are.

I am getting very tired of these "wannabes" ripping on manufacturer educators. One of these "wannabes", who I for now on refer to as the Queen Be, takes great enjoyment in rallying a posse of other wannabes in trying to discredit current educators work. They rip on demos done at shows, classes, networking events and photos of work that is posted online for educational purposes.

I find it interesting that this Queen Bee has all of these years of experience, yet you don't see her listed anywhere, but in one trade mag where she gave a couple of quotes. Again, anyone can say they are something, magazines rarely check that.

She has stated that she has owned all these salons, yet there is no record of them anywhere. She posts pictures, of her salon, which you can tell are ancient.

She states that she has been an educator for years, yet she hasn't attended a show in years. She quite frankly boasts that she doesn't go because no one can teach her something she doesn't already know.

She brags about how she is working now, has a full book, is so busy that she can't take anyone new. Funny, how she is online, posting continuously. When the hell is she servicing these clients? Between keystrokes? She will cut any one's posted work down, yet there are NO pictures of her work. She is a product jumper. She pretty much ass kisses whatever product she has a hard on for the moment. Once the hard on drops, she is cutting the product up.

So, why am I writing all of this, you say? Because people need to stop believing everything that they see and read online. Why get sucked in by someone who doesn't attend shows, doesn't work in a salon, doesn't educate, yet she wants you to think she does. Ask yourself, if she is so great, why hasn't she been asked to do a cover of Nails Magazine or Nailpro? Why hasn't she competed and won trophies? Why isn't she listed in the freakin' Yellow Pages under Nail Salons? Why, because she is nothing but a WANNABE!
All photos are examples of my work. Go ahead, rip away, I know you can't come close to touching my ability or my integrity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Confuscius says....

This was an actual fortune I got in my fortune cookie last night. Well, I've passed the age limitations for Miss America. I can't become a Solid Gold Dancer due to the fact that the show has been cancelled. I guess this must mean Roller Derby!!!!!!!!!

I can tell you, it sure as hell does not mean marrying Psycho BOB! OMG, I better be careful. He's like Beetle Juice, if you say his name three times, he appears. I wonder if typing it counts?


Upon news of losing another classmate, I pulled out my yearbook. I graduated in 1984 in a class of 140 students. As of today, we have lost seven classmates. We may have lost more that I don't know about, but I know of seven for certain.

Five died from illness, one in an accident and one overdosed. This is sad. Next year will be our 25th reuinion and we've lost 5% of our class. I don't know if this is a normal statistic, but to be in the 42 year old age bracket and have five people die of illness is scary.
Know what else is scary? Reading the stupid write up that you put into the yearbook 24 years ago. OMG, WTF was I thinking???? Marry that psycho????!? At least I came to my senses. As you can see, I've always liked purple!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dog Pile

Sometimes, you just have to let things roll off your back. You need to kick back and let off some steam. Nothing makes you feel as good as jumping into a dog pile. I am talking real dogs here. Tonight, I just jumped on the bed while Travis and Riley were romping. OMG did that feel good. I got licked, nipped, Travis even ripped my bandana from my hair.

I was screaming and laughing until I was crying and nearly peed my pants. What a release that was!
My boys rock at making me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Price of Derby

Derby requires sacrifices off all kinds. There's the monetary, the physical and the emotional.

Monetarily, it costs me $30 per week to attend two practices in gas. Sometimes I make three a week, for the most part, I usually make 10 practices a month, which amounts to $150 a month in gas. Add in our dues and you got $180 a month. Add in lost wages of $240 for quitting work early every other Thursday for practice and my grand monetary sacrifice is $420 a month. This totals $5,040 per year. This total, of course does not include equipment or other expenses.

Then you have the physical sacrifice. Being a 41 year old skater, things just don't heal as easy. It's much harder to get up in the morning. Every bone in your body creaks. You experience the multitude of bruises and injuries. You are constantly playing catch up to the young skaters.

Lastly, you have the emotional sacrifice. This is the one that I am having the most difficulty with lately. I have never in my life suffered from such a low self esteem as now. I feel humiliated weekly, degraded, looked down upon and sometimes, just made to feel like shit. It's my own fault. I allow it.

So, I add up the monetary, physical and emotional sacrifices and I ask myself... Why do you put yourself through all this? The jury is still out on that answer.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I've got a swimmer!

Last year, I purchased a large blow up pool for Riley. To my dismay, he refused to get in. This year, I decided to blow it up again, knowing that Travis wouldn't hesitate. I wasn't wrong. As soon as I opened the door, he ran out into the back yard and proceeded to bark at the strange, new, purple thing in his yard. It didn't take too long to encourage him to jump in.
He already knows the first rule of pools - NO PEE IN THE POOL, he jumped out and proceeded to pee in the grass.
I started to throw the ball into the pool, Riley wanted the ball so badly, but there was no way he was going in.
Instead, he let Travis have all the fun!