Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pittbsurgh Zoo with Dawson!

In the summer months, BFF Jill has Dawson every Monday.  Sometimes, I get invited to go do fun things with them.  Yesterday, we all went to The Pittsburgh Zoo. 
We had a ball!!!

The lion was in rare form, he was very vocal!

It seemed as though everyone was feeling lovey dovey at the zoo.  The monkeys were monkeying around.....

The penguins were in love......

And the otters were just a cuddling away!

It was too hot for the Kodiak bear, he was napping.

One of the baby elephants was out and was getting frisky with a log!

The baby giraffe was out and we got to see one of the amazing adults.

The aquarium was amazing as usual.  I think it's my favorite part!

This little beaver was carrying two pieces of wood for his dam, he was a worker!

The seals are always entertaining.  This mouthy one bent his head backwards over the water spray!

BFF Jill got up close and personal with Monty the Python, part of the animal education team.

All in all, it was an awesome day and I think we wore Dawson out.  Just look at that Slurpee smile!