Monday, March 26, 2007

Shaler Township police ROCK!

So, after our skills test last night, we were all prepared to go have our ceremonial beer and Nancy discovered that she had locked the keys in her car. ZOMBItch suggested that she call the police to help her out.

Within 10 minutes of calling, we had not one, but two Shaler Township cruisers pull in. We gave them a big, WHOOOO HOOOO, which they really appreciated.

Nancy had to fill out a ton of waivers. Officers Spiker and Waugh went to town with their slimjims, each taking a door. Officer Spiker got the passenger side unlocked in no time.

They then had a little trouble getting the slimjim out. At one point, we thought Nancy was going to have to drive home with it sticking out of the door. She then realized that she can no longer open the drivers side door (that's why they have you sign those waivers). So until she gets it fixed, I guess she will be Dukes of Hazzarding it.

We are going to all chip in and send Officers Spiker and Waugh four tickets to our April bout. They said that the derby call was their favorite call of the night! We expect to see them in April waving their slimjims!!!