Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Past

This photo is actually my first Christmas. I am not seen, but my Mom is pregnant with me. I have 36 more days before I grace the world with my presence. This is my Grandma Mary and my Mom, Christmas 1966.
This is my first real Christmas, December 1967. My father was in the navy, which explains my attire.
I am going to guess that this is Christmas 1969. I could care less about getting my picture taken. I have more important things to do like open presents. Notice the really groovy dress I got for Chrisrmas that year.
I'm guessing this is Christmas 1970. I was more than happy to pose this year. I think my Mom was smart enough to wait until I was finished opening presents. Notice how every year it looks like we have the same
tree. Guess my Mom liked the short, chubby live trees.
I'm guessing Christmas 1971. Please leave me alone, I'm opening my presents.

I don't know what year this was, but it was a memorable one. I think my Mom asked for a "Man" for Christmas. Our neighbor, Sandy, granted her wish. Notice her sweatshirt, which says, "I'm your Christmas present"!
This is Christmas 1989. It was Sonny's first Christmas and it was weeks after Nick and I got engaged. It was our second Christmas in our house.
This was Christmas 1992, even though Nick isn't in the photo, this was our first Christmas as a married couple. This was taken at my Mom's house. Sonny is in his "Sonny Claus" costume, which he would wear most of his life at Christmas time. He really loved wearing that hat!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What do you want for Christmas?

I asked my Mom, yesterday, what she would like for Christmas. She said, "A pizza". I guess my shopping is going to be easy this year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Think you got what it takes??


You must be 21 years of age or older and have basic skating skills!!

Email Alvilda Kil for more info at:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I want to be like Riley!

I want to be like Riley! He enjoys life to it's fullest!
He does everything with enthusiasm! If he was a person, he would be a cheerleader for sure!

He loves to go for walks. He finds any stick that is out there and has to carry it around, hoping that you will thow it for him.
The stick is always slimey. Then let's talk about all the bark on his tongue!
Any day that Riley gets to go for a walk is the most awesmome day ever in his world!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ice Skating

We all know that I am a "Hellion on Wheels", well, I am a "Bitch on Blades" as well! At one time in my life, I was quite the figure skater. I wanted to be the next Dorothy Hamill.

It's been quite a few years since I've been on ice skates. I lost my old skates. I found a nice pair of Reidell's on Ebay and I bought them! I headed to our local rink today. While there, I saw a little friend from The Purple Pinkie, Lexi Turek! After about an hour of equipment malfunction (the tongue of the skate kept curling, cutting into my ankle) I was finally starting to get my groove back.

During the last 10 minutes of open skate, I finally decided to skate backwards. I skate better backwards on ice. I will definately be going back, but I will be sure to get my skates sharpened first!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remembering Lucy Rudd

I was on the road all weekend, teaching nail classes. As I was on Interstate 80, last night, I was listening to a country station. That isn't my first choice of genre of music, however it was a station that was coming in nice and clear. A ways down the road, a song came on. I had no idea why, but I got this strange feeling come over me. I got this big knot in my stomach and I had a stong urge to cry. What the heck? A ways into the song, a vision popped into my head, Lucy Rudd. It then clicked in my head that the song playing "God Bless the Broken Road" was the song that was playing in Lucy's photo memorial montage at Goldstock. Then the tears came.

Isn't it amazing tht this was the second time in my life that I heard this song, the first time was at Goldstock at the Candle Ceremony. It is now two months later and that song totally brought all those visions and memorys back of that wonderful, sweet, golden girl. I can honestly say, that I don't think I will ever be able to hear that song without crying.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maida Steel's Birthday

We all went out last night to celebrate Maida Steel's birthday. It's been quite some time since I went "clubbing" God, do I feel old. After starting the evening out at Primanti's for dinner, we headed to Station Square.

Our first stop was Matrix. There are four different rooms there. The first room was the "Salsa" room. We had to get out of there fast. Too many Charros there (Cootchie, Cootchie). We then wandered into the "Liquid" room, no one was in there.

We then went into the "Hip Hop" room. This was one of the most crowded rooms. Lots of scantily-clad girls dancing on platforms. Next, the "Retro" room. It was in this room, with The Bee Gees, Stayin' Alive blaring, that I got felt up for the first time of the evening. Mind you, it was only my left arm, but what gives a perfect stranger the right to rub my arm up and down as they pass?

The youngsters stay and Twiggy, Adam and I head back to Liquid for people watching. We watched this old dude and his girl totally dance their faces off. I took some amusing videos, but because of the flashing lights, they didn't turn out.

We then started watching this gal. All night long, we were waiting for her to show us her "Britney". She did not disappoint us, however, thank goodness she DID have panties on. Adam kept predicting that she was going to fall backwards over the railing. She probably did, but we left and didn't get to see it.
Next stop, Saddle Ridge, so Maida could ride the bull. I absolutely hate to admit it, but I totally fit in at this place. I guess there is a little redneck in me after all.
So, they all go get in line to ride the bull. I am scoping out a spot to take photos. I decide to head over to where they are standing in line and as I am making my way there, I pass this guy and he looks at me and under his drunk breath says "Damn, you're cute". As I reach my friends and start talking to them, this same dude walks past and totally smacks me on the ass. Okay, nothing makes me want to punch a guy more than when they smack me on the ass uninvited. Come on guys, personal space!!! Do you really think that is going to get you anywhere???
So I watch Mel, Maida and Adam ride the bull.

We then head for the dance floor. This was actually fun! We met some real characters, like this couple. The guy was totally smashed. His partner was totally trying to hold him up. We referred to them as Summer and Fall, she was Summer because she had Summer Teeth (summer there and summer not) and he kept Falling! At one point, he was sitting on the floor in his own puke.
Happy Birthday, Maida Steel! I love you and I hope you had an awesome night and enjoyed your birthday spanking from Mel Practice!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I miss my Mom

I hate this time of year. Really, I do. I wake up every morning feeling like crap. I start to get very depressed. So, it's no surprise that I am feeling this way, it happens every year.

Lately, I've been very sad about my Mom. I miss her. Yes, she is still here and all, but she is not the same Mom she used to be. I miss my Mom.

My Mom was great. My Mom used to be me, just in an older form. I got my independent attitude from her, my outspoken nature as well as my get-go and my outgoing personality. My Mom was all of that and then some. It just saddens me now to see her not want to do anything but lay in a bed all day long and watch M*A*S*H.

She's not depressed. She's totally happy, totally content to live her life in a nursing home, laying around, watching TV and having others wait on her hand and foot. It kills me. She's 60, she has so much left to live for. Who am I, though, to tell her how to live her life.

She is disabled, due to her renal disease. Top that off with not having the use of her right arm, her dominate arm and she needs assistance to live day to day. She shouldn't need total assistance, though.

I used to get really angry when I would go to see her. Angry that she wants to live this way. Angry that I feel cheated out of at least 10 years with my mother. Angry to the point that I didn't enjoy seeing her or visiting with her.

Before my mother-in-law, Nancy died, we had a long talk about my Mom. She was amazed, like me, that Mom would just pretty much give up. Nancy was recovering from heart surgery at the time and wanted to do everything she could to get better and back to a normal life. Sadly this wasn't in the plan for her.

Nancy did give me some advice during one of our last conversations before she passed away. She told me that sometimes you need to take whatever bad feelings you are having, and put them in a box, on a shelf and tell yourself that you will deal with those later. Since then, I have tried doing this. I've tried to just go and enjoy being with my Mom.

For the most part, I have been successful with Nancy's advice. But some days, I just really miss my Mom. To be honest, I miss Nick's Mom too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Working the mojo!

My mojo was in major force today. Today was The Steel City Derby Demon's first interleague bout. We played The Burning River Roller Girls from Cleveland. I head the Entertainment Committee for the league.

I am in charge of picking up our sound equipment before every home bout. I did so today, like I have for just about every other bout. Today, though, my go-to person at the store asked me out. I politely told him I was married and all was well. How cute, though. It's been a long time since someone asked me out!

Then, at the bout, we had a group of five, older men sing The National Anthem, do-wop style. When they were finished, I collected their mikes and one of them thanked me for everything and proceeded to KISS me! Yoy!

I then got my picture taken with The Steel Man. This dude was awesome! He even let me wear The Steel Man necklace!!! He actually won the Pro Pittbsurgh (aka Anti Cleveland) Fan award!!
So, my mojo was mojo-ing today. Oh, and Steel City beat Cleveland! WHOO HOO! Way to go Steel Hurtin'!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I've always received presents from clients for Christmas and my birthday. I would get the occasional valentine and I have one client that bakes me the most awesome cookies or cupcakes for every holiday. This is the first year I got not only one but TWO presents for Halloween! I got a really cool candle holder and then the most awesome basket of treats for both Riley and myself!

I haven't been this excited about Halloween in a long time! Now, for your viewing pleasure, photos of my "kids" in past Halloween costumes!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Falling Water

Nick and I headed to the mountains this weekend to stay at Seven Springs for their Octoberfest. We go every year. This year, on Monday morning, we really didn't have anywhere to be and it was such a beautiful day, I suggested that we go to tour Falling Water.

I remember passing the signs for it Memorial Day weekend when I went camping with the derby and refs at Scarlet Knob. I really didn't realize it was so close to us. Nick's mother had always talked about it and whenever anyone from out of state came to visit, it was always on her list of places to go. She always wanted to take me there.

When we arrived, we found out that you couldn't take a tour of the house on Mondays. You could only purchase a grounds pass. That was totally cool
with us.

Once we parked the car, we headed on one of the paths that took us past Bear Run, which is the stream that runs under the house.
Before we knew it, we were at the house. The water level is low, usually there is a full pool of water under the house. They had a really neat are where it looked like they could walk down steps from the house and into the water. To the side was a space that looked like it collected water and became a small wading pool.
There was a lot of really cool art around the property. I thought this statue was beautiful, how it was placed so that the sun would usually hit just the face.

After we walked all around the outside of the house, we headed up the road to an area above the house. They called this the garage. I can see where it would house three cars, but this was the best garage I'd ever seen. The top of the garage seemed to be a pool house. Here is the pool. Even green, it's beautiful. There was a wonderful walkway from the garage down to the house. Everywhere you looked was a little deck or a cozy nook.

After viewing the garage, we headed down to the creek. It is at this point that you get the "money shot" of Falling Water. This is the vantage point where almost every photograph has ever been taken. Nick said it best, if you lived here, you would never leave.
I really enjoyed this tour, I just wish that I could have taken it with Nancy. Also, the whole time I was there I kept thinking about how Skankalina Jolie brought Brad Pitt there for a private tour for his birthday. EWWW!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cat from Ohio visited The Purple Pinkie!

I "met" Cat from Ohio, awhile ago online at The Beauty Tech board. We've exchanged a number of emails and we decided that after her wedding and honeymoon, that she would come and spend the day with me at The Purple Pinkie for a little one-on-one mentoring.

Cat arrived, bright and early on Saturday morning, with one of the biggest smiles on her face. She sure is a cutie, with the drive and determination that you need to make it in this business. If she moved here, I would hire her on the spot.

We spent the rest of the morning with me demoing five designs on her one hand. I used all Young Nails glitter and colored acrylics, doing all of the nails with the Reverse technique, where you apply the pinks first, then the tip colors.

We then had lunch, next door, at Nite Courts. I introduced Cat to steak salads. She had never had a salad with steak, french fries and melted cheese on top. It's a 'Burgh thing!
After lunch, I went to work on her other hand. It's bad enough she will be walking around with a different nail design on each finger, she couldn't have one hand done and not the other!

All in all, it was an awesome day! It was so much fun. Thank you to Cat for letting me be creative!! I can't wait until you come again!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scarehouse 2007

Well, tonight is the last night I will be working at The Scarehouse in Etna. It sure has been fun. I've met a lot of new friends and I think I "may" have conquered my fear of haunted places.

It all started with roller derby. The Steel City Derby Demons and The Scarehouse made a deal to cross promote. In August, Maida Steel and I went to The Scarehouse to film a commercial.

The house was under construction then, but I could tell that it was going to be awesome. In early October, Scott, one of the owners was looking for someone to sell the R.I.P passes that would get you to the front of the line with no waiting. Of course, you are going to pay more for this and many, many people chose to do so with lines ranging some nights three to three and a half hours long.

The first night that I worked, Davey, one of the Scarehouse gouls, named me Drewcilla or Drew for short. Davey was alwasy walking around, talking about having "the corruption" and not being very willing to share his "spirits".

I loved working with Dave and Jim, our security dudes.

Maida and I spend a little time with "The Wayne-iac"

I met lots of interesting people, like this dude, that was in a leather jacket that looked likea skeleton. The hood actually zipped up to make a full mask that he could both see and breathe out of.

I ran into a gal who I have been reading her journal online for about two years now. I about peed myself when I saw her standing in line. Of course, I couldn't contain myself and had to accost her with the fact that I've been reading all about her for years. Later, I hoped that she wouldn't think that I am a total psycho stalker and quietly block me from her site.

The best quote from this experience comes from some dude purchasing a ticket. When asked if he would like to donate a dollar to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital, he replied "No thanks, I'm not religious" I had to turn around so that he wouldn't see me laughing and trying so hard not to pee myself. Double Destroyer, a fellow rollergal that was working the front desk decided that this should be our "catch all" response for anything, like "Would you like fries with that?" "No thanks, I'm not religious". It sounds pretty good to me.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Acrylic Branding Tutorial

Here is a short tutorial on how to do Acrylic Impressions/Branding. You can brand with lots of things: Paperclips, C-Curve sticks, rubber stamps, the list is endless!
You can sculpt or use tips. Since I was doing this on myself, I used tips. Prep the nails, apply tips, cut and shape them. Prime for product application. Overlay the nails with product of choice. For this demonstration, I used clear acrylic.

When the product is just about set, it will start to go from wet looking to frosted, this is when you want to brand. Take your branding tool of choice and dip it in powder so that it will not stick. Press the brander into the acrylic, making sure to get a good, deep image on the entire surface. For this demo, I used a scrapbooking paperclip.

This is what it will look like when finished. It's not a pretty sight, but will be in the end!

Fill the branded area with colored acrylic or glitter acrylic of choice. Don't be afraid to get it all over, you will file the excess off. You client will look scare, but be amazed at the finished product.

File and shape the nails like you normally would. You will then dust off the nails and apply YN Finish Gel Topcoat and cure in a 9 watt lamp for 90 seconds.

This is your end product!

Here is an example of using the C-Curve sticks to brand. Nail bed was clear, tip was black. Branding was completed with the C-Curve sticks. Black and white acrylic were applied to the branded area.

Here is an example using mesh. Black acrylic was applied to the entire nail, then mesh was used for branding. Lime green glitter acrylic was applied to the branded area. This method is great for reptile skin looks!