Monday, January 15, 2007

Onboard spa experience

Okay, so I am so busy all the time making everyone else have great looking hands and feet, mine always look like crap. I didn't have one second to make mine look presentable for this vacation, so I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure on the cruise ship. I was lucky enough to get an appointment today, since it is formal night and everyone is getting gussied up today.

I had a lovely gal from Jamaica do my services. I did go incognito, though, on my client consultation form, I listed myself as "Sales" for occupation. I do sell rubber stamps, so it wasn't a lie. I usually don't like to tell people that I am a nail tech when I get services because it usually makes them either nervous or have an attitude with me. It's better just to pretend you are Jane Public.

The services were great, with wonderful products and awesome massages.. There were a couple of disturbing things like using the same orangewood stick over and over, and it is dyed blue from soaking in disinfectant between services. Come on, these things are like two cents a piece. They are to be thrown away after one use, not soaked in disinfectant. They are porous and can't be disinfected.

She also used her nipper blades to scrape my entire nail plate to remove non-iving tissue. I was a little alarmed at first, but was pleasantly surprised and the results and there does not seem to be any trauma to the nail bed. I may have to try incorporating this technique into my service.
Files and buffers were used over and over with no sign of disinfection between services. She did use oil with the CND Girlfriend Buffer, which is not recommended, since it breaks down the buffer.

All in all, it was a good experience, despite the few things I had a problem with. Total cost of services $95, which would cost $50 in my salon. Almost twice the cost, but worth it to be pampered for a change.

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