Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet Lettie!

For my birthday, this year, Mr. Bruises got me another gift card, but this one wasn't from WalMart.  He got me one from Petco.  See, right before we left for vacation, we were in Petco and I fell in love with these little Russian Dwarf hamsters.  He thought that since I lost Chip, I would like to have another little creature in my life.  This is awesome since this is the man who usually is saying "No more mouths to feed in this house!"

So, off I went to Butler to bring home my little fur ball.  Well, when I got there, the only ones out and about were the males.  They are cute and all, but I usually like female rodents.  Then I saw this guinea pig.  I large one.  That just kind of looked sad.  I walked over and she looked at me and followed my finger.  I kept going back and forth.  I called Mr. Bruises and asked him if we still had Rudy's cage and he said yes.  Still, I was undecided.  Those little fur balls sure are cute.  Finally, I decided since the little gal didn't want to come out to meet me maybe I should take the pig.

Well, once I asked the guy to get her for me, I knew I was meant to have her.  See, she wasn't for sale, she was up for adoption (for a small fee) and she came with a cage.  Right then I knew I was meant to take this gal home.  The guy seemed relieved that she found a good home.  I guess she was brought in last night, in a filthy cage, her water bottle was full of algea.  One thing I can say, they did feed her, so.......just like everyone in this house, she is on a diet!

She's a sweet pig, very loving and not as skittish as I though she may be.  I don't know how old she is, how long they had her, I just know that she's in her forever home and she doesn't have a worry in the world now.

The meet and greet went well.  Travis was very interested in her.  Now to keep Kallie off of the cage.  She used to sleep on Rudy's cage and I think she's gained some weight since Rudy passed away because when she jumped on the cage, she bowed it.  I want to put her in Rudy's old cage and will once Mr. Bruises gets home and finds it for me.

Rudy was born shortly before I brought her home on February 2, 2002, which was Super Bowl Sunday.  She was named after Rudy Giulianni, even though she was a girl.  So, keeping with that tradition, I took the suggestion of my boyfried, Dawson and his mom and am naming her after Kris LeTang.  We will call her Lettie for short.

So, welcome to the Kibuk clan, Lettie!  I can't wait to hear you "WEEK" for the first time!


Burgh Baby said...

I used to have a thing for Russian Dwarf Hamsters. The bad thing about them is that the little effers bite, even if they are used to being handled. Guineas are much sweeter. Congrats!

OlRedHair said...

I'm not sure who Kris LeTang is, but I love the name Lettie. She is a cutie. And has definitely lucked out with joining the Kibuk home! Is "week" the noise Guinea Pigs make? Welcome Lettie!

The Purple Pinkie said...

Michelle, I've heard that alot that they have a tendancy to be mean. I have always loved g pigs so I am glad I went in that direction.

Nora, yes "week" is a noise that they make some call it whistling, but to me it sounds like they are going "weeeeeeeeeeek, weeeeeeeeeeeeeek, weeeek" real high pitched and cute. She started chattering yesterday and was really chattering this morning, so it's just a matter of time before she lets loose. Usually they are really happy or excited when they week.

Oh and Kris LeTang is a hockey player for The Pittsburgh Penguins. The girls all love him because he has this gorgeous mane of hair that we just love when he sets it loose and shakes the sweat out of it!