Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Thoughts for the Day

Why are some people never happy?  They have some good things in their life, but it is never enough.  Bitch and moan, bitch and moan, then they bitch and moan again.  Things could be a lot worse, just look around, others are suffering losses, yet you don't hear them bitching and moaning.  People just need to learn to be happy with life.  It is way to short, so you have to enjoy what you have.

Why does my cat hate me so much?  She attacks me, for no reason, she pisses on the floor in front of her litter box, she shit where she pleases and has become Travis' personal snack machine.  What more can I do for her?  I buy her food, I feed her twice a day, I scoop her litter box, I make sure it's clean, but not too clean, I make sure nothing changes too much in her life, I take her to the vet to see if there is anything medical going on with her.  Still, she hates me.  I will admit, I am starting to hate her back.

Why do so many people take drugs and why do so many people feel sorry for addicts?  No one forces them to kill their bodies and lives by being an addict.  Yes it is a sickness, but when you just feel sorry for them, you are nothing more than an enabler.  If you want to do them a favor, don't pity them, help them to realize they have a problem and GET THEM HELP. 

Why do people not answer their phones and then while you are trying to leave them a voice mail, they are beeping in, calling you back.  If you answer they are all like "Who is this?"  Ummmm if you would just either answer your phone in the first place OR listen to the voice mail, you would know who this is.

Why are some people so vindictive?  Are they so unhappy in their lives that they have to make others feel bad in order for them to feel good about themselves?

This concludes my random thoughts for the day.  For now................

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