Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Derby-tastic Week!

In preparation for Flat Track Fever, I've been skating like crazy this week. This is going to a great bout on Saturday. I've played The Bitch Doctors as a Hellion twice now, and we lost both times. This time will be different.

Monday, we had team practice, then we scrimmaged The Wrecking Dolls. Tuesday morning, I headed to Bladerunners and had the ENTIRE rink to myself for two hours. In the evening, I headed to league practice. Last night, we scrimmaged The Slashers. Tonight, will be another league practice, but it is scrimmage night.

Lots of skating this week. Lots of scrimmaging this week. We are ready for Saturday, we are going to, as Pittgirl would say, "Choke a Bitch!"

If you come out on Saturday, first, wear your GREEN and bring a donation for the two animal shelters that we are collecting for!!

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