Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Upon news of losing another classmate, I pulled out my yearbook. I graduated in 1984 in a class of 140 students. As of today, we have lost seven classmates. We may have lost more that I don't know about, but I know of seven for certain.

Five died from illness, one in an accident and one overdosed. This is sad. Next year will be our 25th reuinion and we've lost 5% of our class. I don't know if this is a normal statistic, but to be in the 42 year old age bracket and have five people die of illness is scary.
Know what else is scary? Reading the stupid write up that you put into the yearbook 24 years ago. OMG, WTF was I thinking???? Marry that psycho????!? At least I came to my senses. As you can see, I've always liked purple!

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