Monday, June 30, 2008

Nail Tech Superstar Wannabes

The Internet is a powerful force. You can network with others around the world for just about anything. I've been networking with other nail technicians online since 2001. On the Internet, anyone can be any person they want to be. Most people are themselves, and portray themselves accurately. Then, there are those that want to be something that they are not, but portray themselves as though they are.

I am getting very tired of these "wannabes" ripping on manufacturer educators. One of these "wannabes", who I for now on refer to as the Queen Be, takes great enjoyment in rallying a posse of other wannabes in trying to discredit current educators work. They rip on demos done at shows, classes, networking events and photos of work that is posted online for educational purposes.

I find it interesting that this Queen Bee has all of these years of experience, yet you don't see her listed anywhere, but in one trade mag where she gave a couple of quotes. Again, anyone can say they are something, magazines rarely check that.

She has stated that she has owned all these salons, yet there is no record of them anywhere. She posts pictures, of her salon, which you can tell are ancient.

She states that she has been an educator for years, yet she hasn't attended a show in years. She quite frankly boasts that she doesn't go because no one can teach her something she doesn't already know.

She brags about how she is working now, has a full book, is so busy that she can't take anyone new. Funny, how she is online, posting continuously. When the hell is she servicing these clients? Between keystrokes? She will cut any one's posted work down, yet there are NO pictures of her work. She is a product jumper. She pretty much ass kisses whatever product she has a hard on for the moment. Once the hard on drops, she is cutting the product up.

So, why am I writing all of this, you say? Because people need to stop believing everything that they see and read online. Why get sucked in by someone who doesn't attend shows, doesn't work in a salon, doesn't educate, yet she wants you to think she does. Ask yourself, if she is so great, why hasn't she been asked to do a cover of Nails Magazine or Nailpro? Why hasn't she competed and won trophies? Why isn't she listed in the freakin' Yellow Pages under Nail Salons? Why, because she is nothing but a WANNABE!
All photos are examples of my work. Go ahead, rip away, I know you can't come close to touching my ability or my integrity.


icesk8ermom said...

I often think of the same things. I do not know if we are thinking of the same Queen Bee but, the one I am thinking....mans she rips on everyone and pretty much every product out there, it is a wonder she has anything to work with! Which brings the next question you ask when does she work? I am a Admin. Assist by day and a new nail tech at night....I am bored during the day and see this Queen Bee here all day as well!

Queen Bee claims to own several salons...she must just be an owner not a working tech. You are correct I have never seen a picture of her owrk.

I love going to these networking sites as I am a newbie and trying to learn from you experienced and loaded with knowledge techs....the negativity is something afwul! I hate that people jump on this Queen Bees wagon and continue to gripe! If you don't like something, someone, product etc....that is fine...just stop griping about everything you post!

As my mom always said....(directed to Queen Bee) If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all!

The Purple Pinkie said...

You got it right and the minions are reading.

Nail Rockstar said...

I know exactly who Queen Bee is. She's was all hot on Tammy Taylor, then got hot on Akzentz, then back to Tammy Taylor, now the product of choice is Gelousy! You are right about the hard on point!

Don't worry, most people see through her and know her for the fake that she is. We are not all dummies.

Great post and love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Well, as you know already, I completely agree with you and since you read my myspace bulletin, you know how I feel about her and all her crap. I know I'm a better person than she is. She talks so much shit on her board and then complains that people on BT do it. I started in this business late so I'll never have as many years as she CLAIMS to have but you know what? I go to shows, I take classes, I ask questions, etc. I have had the opportunity to meet some great people (you included, Rhonda, eye patch and all LOL) and I am so glad I've had that chance. I will keep on with what I'm doing.She also likes to go to the BT board, browse through stuff and then start similar threads on her board. This way she keeps her board hopping and makes it look so busy when it really isn't.
Can't seem to get this to post so I'll try doing it anonymously and see if that works. Won't let me log in. This is MICHELE...BENGALKAT though so no one can say that I was being too chicken to post my name. LOL