Monday, July 13, 2009

Motorcycle Class Day 1

Today was Day One of my Motorcycle Safety Course. After fretting about where I was going to find boots this time of year, I was overjoyed when my instructor said that high top sneakers are acceptable, as long as they cover your ankles. Score!!

So, every class has a Douchebag and boy do we have one. I don't know if he is just making this shit up or if he really is that stupid and believes his nonsense. In two hours and forty-five minutes, we had to listen to at least a dozen stories like how he was hit by a car that is making a u-turn and while he is on the ground, the driver flips him off. My personal favorite was the one where he is on his motorcycle and comes around a bend and there is a huge LOG in the middle of the road and he "stood the bike up on end and ran over it". Yeah right. If that didn't make the 10 other people in the room all roll their eyes in synchronization, I don't know what will. And before you all start thinking that he was on a dual purpose bike, he was on a Harley. *cough*BULLSHIT*Cough*

Then we have Wimpy. Picture a soft-spoken, college professor type. So smart, but so dumb. We were all assigned questions to look up and we had to read our answers and give the page number so that everyone could highlight the answer. Wimpy just made shit up and it was usually wrong.

They assigned us to tables with people we didn't know. We were to interview a new friend and we had to introduce them to the class. Typical interview questions were: Name, where they were from, riding experience and what they wanted to gain from the class. Wimpy is assigned to a table with Grizzly Adams and Farm Boy. Wimpy interviews Grizzly and Grizzly interviews Wimpy, which leaves Farm Boy to interview himself. Seriously? You couldn't figure out how to do it so everyone interviewed someone else??

I just can't wait for tomorrow. We get on the bikes tomorrow. My money is on either Douchbag or Wimpy to hit the pavement. I plan to have my camera ready. This is turning out to be a very entertaining experience!! Stay tuned....................


Kris said...

Can you surreptitiously videotape the entire class session tomorrow???

YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Ya, can you please videotape the entire class? We want to see that Douchbad and Wimpy.