Monday, November 15, 2010


About two weeks ago, I noticed a spot, on the kitchen wall, near Jeffrey, the turtle's  tank.  Since this was also near the kitchen garbage can, I thought maybe it was a food splatter, or one of the dog's eye boogers.  Yes, we have pets and we deal with eye boogers and shedding.  We don't mind.

Upon closer inspection, I realzied it was a tiny spider.  Little spiders don't really freak me out.  I will scream like a mad woman when a spider the size of my wrist is on my coat sleeve, though, but that's a whole other story for another time.

So I thought, it must be dead, so I blew on it and it quickly became alert.  I thought it was odd that it was on the wall and fully expected it to move back to it's web.  Well it didn't.  It's still there.  It lives on my kitchen wall.

I always thought that spiders lived in webs, which are usually in the corners of the wall or ceiling.  Not this spider.  It hangs out on the kitchen wall.  I wonder how it's eating, I don't see any trace of a web on the wall.

So then, I started wondering if this spider is like Charlotte.  Is it conversing with my animals?  If so, what do they talk about.  Me?  Obviously, since the spider doesn't seem to be skittish.  It's like the spider was told that this is a safe haven for all God's creatures.  That is, until you get really big, then you have to live in the garage.

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