Sunday, September 21, 2008

Battle Royale!

Last night was the Championship bout, Battle Royale, for the Steel City Derby Demon's second season. The Bitch Doctors and The Wrecking Dolls were prepared to fight until the end for the coveted SCDD Championship Trophy aka "Stanley's Leg. As I walked in, that is the first thing I saw.

The leg was constructed by Refholio. It consists of skate parts that have played a part in SCDD history. The skate, for instance, was BB Basher's skate that broke during The Saint Patrick's Day Massacre, March 17, 2007.
After oogling all over the leg and taking it's picture, I got my second heart palpitation of the evening. I saw that Hurricane Heather was not only in uniform, but skating! I. Love. Heather. She has been out the entire season with a shoulder injury and actually had surgery. I was so excited to see her skate again, but worried, when I noticed that her OTHER shoulder is now bandaged. Seems she injured it during a practice last Wednesday.

It was an exciting bout. It was back and forth, back and forth. It was the kind of bout that makes you a little sick to your stomach. Bodies were flying everywhere. At one point, Big F'n Ref, straddled over CC DeKill, of The Bitch Doctors, who fell. We all wondered if he got smacked in the "goodies" just a little. Later, Ally McKill, of The Dolls, did the same thing. I guess this is a testament of CC being able to fall small, since Ally is TINY! It was great entertainment for the crowd, they loved it!

Speaking of the crowd, I hear that we had a local celebrity in attendance. Pittgirl, author of The Burgh Blog, tweeted:

"Just left roller derby. In a word, insane. In another word, mayhem. Loved
I am so glad you made it to a bout, Pittgirl. I knew you would love it!

Both teams fought until the very end. Quite a few got injured, you could tell they were putting everything they had into it. The Dolls never gave up, fighting to the end. The Bitch Doctors were victorious. They once again, played very well as a team. It's like they are all totally in sync with one another.

Congratulations to The Bitch Doctors on their second championship win. Congratulation to The Wrecking Dolls for really stepping it up and putting it out there this season, you did amazing! Congratulations to SCDD for a VERY successful second season! I. Love. You. ALL!


Anonymous said...

I love your recap! FYI - Heather wrapped the shoulder that had just been repaired...more of a preventative measure then a necessity. The pics are awesome! And I have to admit, I can't wait until it's my turn with the Stanley Leg!

Burgh Baby said...

I am so very sad that I wasn't able to make it out. It was on the agenda, but just didn't work. Grrr . . .

Congratulations on living to tell the tale!