Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Postcards From the Edge!

I will admit, I am horrible about getting the mail at the salon. It's not like it's a hard task, I just hate going to the mailbox. Usually, when I walk out there I get honked at by truckers or hooted at by passersby. I guess they don't get to see much on Route 66. So, I usually resort to getting my mail about once a month.

I got the mail this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see a postcard from Otto, aka Ref-Holio. He was in Lincoln, NE for his wife, Lisa's, figure roller skating national competition and visited the National Museum of Roller Skating. They apparently had a whole section on Roller Derby. The postcard features legend, Ann Cavello and Betty Boyd battling it out in 1950. It's funny to see them skating without helmets and elbow pads.

Recently, Mr. Bruises and I were talking and I told him when I retire from derby, I want to become a ref. Mr. Bruises then said that his favorite ref is Ref-Holio, because of his name. I will admit, I didn't totally get the name, probably because I wasn't a Bevis and Butthead fan. Mr. Bruises quickly educated me in all things Bevis and Butthead including "Corn-Holio" which is where Otto got his name. NOW, I totally understand the shirt up over his head and him throwing toilet paper all around!!!

I've said it before and will say it again, everyone needs an Otto in their life!! Thanks Otto!

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Otto said...

Thanks Fonda! I think this is the first time I've ever been mentioned in a blog! I never saw my picture next to Beavis's before. Frightening resemblance. Fire! Fire!