Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bruise Blog

Okay, they don't call me Fonda Bruises for nothing. I've racked up quite a few in the past month.

This lovely is the result of my first night of scrimmaging. I fell hard not once, but twice on the same spot. I ended up with a huge hematoma that lasted for two weeks.

I finally get it healed and guess what? I go down hard in the same spot again. This time the bruise isn't so spectacular. You can still see an ugly, yellow shadow of the original bruise.

This beauty was a gift from Blissy Sadistic. I took a couple of her wheels to my shin when she was going down. She doesn't even know that she branded me!

This lovely bruise was compliments of Bekkie MK Ultra during Full Contact Musical Chairs practice. I went to sit on a chair and she slid in under me and slammed me into the side of the chair that was to the left of me.

Which also resulted in my shin getting trapped between the two chairs.

Finally, this is a most impressive bruise. Sadly, it isn't a result of derby, just me falling down my basement stairs. This bruise, however, did coin my skater name FONDA BRUISES!!

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