Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update on life

It's catch up time. A lot has gone on in 2007, some good, but mostly bad. Here's the low down:

My mother is now a permanent resident of Kittanning Care. She just is not motivated to do anything but lay in her bed all day long. Nothing said and no one can get her to even get into her wheel chair to leave her room. She eats every meal in her room. This fucking sucks because she is 60!!!!!!!!! God gave her TWO more chaces at life and she is still just laying there. What a waste.

I now have the wonderful task of clearing out her apartment and getting rid of all her stuff including her car, which I can't locate the title to. I need to be out by the end of May since we can't afford to pay for both her residence and the nursing home. I have been really unmotivated to do this. There are other things I would rather do. So, I hope to give myself a good kick in the ass and get this knocked out.

I have decided not to tell my Mom that I am clearing out her apartment and getting rid of all her stuff. I fear that it will send her into a deeper depression. I figure if a miracle happens and she is able to live on her own again, we will just buy her new stuff.

Two weeks ago, Nick's mom was life flighted to Pittsburgh for bypass surgery. She pretty much flat lined twice in ACMC. She is doing good, but having some complications. Nick's mother wants to live, while my mother doesn't. Crazy world.

Now for the good stuff........roller derby is going great. Our draft is Thursday! I can't wait. I hope I get picked for a team.

I found out yesterday that I qualified as a Young Nails Educator. I flew to Los Angeles in early April for the workshop. Greg wanted to see us work, witness how we present and all that jazz. I am really happy about this. I love this product and I have used it exclusively in my salon since it opened.
The Purple Pinkie is rocking! We are booked solid for weeks. We need help. I am trying to find one or two nail techs. I need someone that is willing to come in, learn, work hard and they will be able to build a good clientele. They need to be willing to pay their dues, which means, you have to practice when it is slow, make yourself visible and be ready for when the busy seasons come and go.

I am excited that spring seems to finally be on it's way. I was able to clean my pond out yesterday. I got it all filled up and running. I love to sit and listen to the water flow. It relaxes me. That is something that I need to work no right now RELAXING.

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