Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cat from Ohio visited The Purple Pinkie!

I "met" Cat from Ohio, awhile ago online at The Beauty Tech board. We've exchanged a number of emails and we decided that after her wedding and honeymoon, that she would come and spend the day with me at The Purple Pinkie for a little one-on-one mentoring.

Cat arrived, bright and early on Saturday morning, with one of the biggest smiles on her face. She sure is a cutie, with the drive and determination that you need to make it in this business. If she moved here, I would hire her on the spot.

We spent the rest of the morning with me demoing five designs on her one hand. I used all Young Nails glitter and colored acrylics, doing all of the nails with the Reverse technique, where you apply the pinks first, then the tip colors.

We then had lunch, next door, at Nite Courts. I introduced Cat to steak salads. She had never had a salad with steak, french fries and melted cheese on top. It's a 'Burgh thing!
After lunch, I went to work on her other hand. It's bad enough she will be walking around with a different nail design on each finger, she couldn't have one hand done and not the other!

All in all, it was an awesome day! It was so much fun. Thank you to Cat for letting me be creative!! I can't wait until you come again!

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bengalkat said...

Very cool! Someday I'll get to visit some people in other salons too! Glad you two had so much fun!