Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scarehouse 2007

Well, tonight is the last night I will be working at The Scarehouse in Etna. It sure has been fun. I've met a lot of new friends and I think I "may" have conquered my fear of haunted places.

It all started with roller derby. The Steel City Derby Demons and The Scarehouse made a deal to cross promote. In August, Maida Steel and I went to The Scarehouse to film a commercial.

The house was under construction then, but I could tell that it was going to be awesome. In early October, Scott, one of the owners was looking for someone to sell the R.I.P passes that would get you to the front of the line with no waiting. Of course, you are going to pay more for this and many, many people chose to do so with lines ranging some nights three to three and a half hours long.

The first night that I worked, Davey, one of the Scarehouse gouls, named me Drewcilla or Drew for short. Davey was alwasy walking around, talking about having "the corruption" and not being very willing to share his "spirits".

I loved working with Dave and Jim, our security dudes.

Maida and I spend a little time with "The Wayne-iac"

I met lots of interesting people, like this dude, that was in a leather jacket that looked likea skeleton. The hood actually zipped up to make a full mask that he could both see and breathe out of.

I ran into a gal who I have been reading her journal online for about two years now. I about peed myself when I saw her standing in line. Of course, I couldn't contain myself and had to accost her with the fact that I've been reading all about her for years. Later, I hoped that she wouldn't think that I am a total psycho stalker and quietly block me from her site.

The best quote from this experience comes from some dude purchasing a ticket. When asked if he would like to donate a dollar to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital, he replied "No thanks, I'm not religious" I had to turn around so that he wouldn't see me laughing and trying so hard not to pee myself. Double Destroyer, a fellow rollergal that was working the front desk decided that this should be our "catch all" response for anything, like "Would you like fries with that?" "No thanks, I'm not religious". It sounds pretty good to me.

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