Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Travis at six months

Travis is now nearly six months old. He is doing wonderful, considering his sad start. He is really a part of the family. He still does get a little rough with Riley every now and then, but after a time out, he seems fine. Most are happy to see that he has till managed to keep his little "mop top"
He is definately going to be a dock diver. He jumps on and off the bed with such enthusiasm. His front and back legs are stretched, straight out and his ears are flapping. I swear, he looks like underdog, flying through the air.

He is going to get groomed next week for the first time. I am sure he will do fine. His feet are getting to the point where they need trimmed.
He is entering the gangly stage. He's growing up, but needs to fill out. He needs to grow into his long legs and his ears! He is going to be beautiful when he is full grown.

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