Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Season Opener

The Steel City Derby Demons had their season opener on March 22. My team, The Hot Metal Hellions took on The Wrecking Dolls.

The Hellions welcomed back Formalda Heidi, who was out half of the last season due to an injury. We also finally can claim Mel Practice as our own. Mel played three bouts with us last year as a sub. She dropped down into the draft pool in the off season and the Hellions snatched her up.

The Hellions also had two rookies playing, Amanda Smackround and Michelleter Skelter. Hats off to these rookies, they rocked their first bout.

After about a month of agony, my new purple skates are finally starting to feel like home on my feet. It's funny, in photos, you can barely tell that they are purple, but trust me. they are!

The bout was a tight one. At half time, we were tied. The lead kept going back and forth. The Hellions, however, were victorious in the end.

I didn't get through the night unscathed, though. I took two hard falls on my left knee. I treated it as instucted and things were going great until day 4 when the entire leg from knee to toes swelled. I was sent for xrays, seems they were thinking my fibula was broken, but the xrays read normal. Thursday I go to an orthopedic doctor to see what my action plan is.

Congrats Hellions on a great season opener!!

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