Saturday, April 19, 2008

Travis Pupstranna

Travee Update: He got groomed for the first time last week. He was a little naughty! I was told that she had to muzzle him, because he kept trying to bite at the scissors to play with them. She didn't want to cut his mouth or tongue. Then, when she was grooming Riley, she let Travee run loose, she didn't want to put him in a cage, because of his past, I guess he faked her out and gave her a scared look when she walked him to the cage. Anyway, as she is grooming Riley, she sees him helping himself to her half eaten peanut butter sandwich that was in the trash! LOL Travee loves peanut butter. All in all, it was good, she said that he can come back! Also, he still has his mop top!

Travee has a number of nicknames now. Travee. Kissie Face. Little Pye. Most recently, Einie, short for Einstein as we feel that he looks like Albert Einstein with his fluffy hair.

I was away last weekend, so Nick was in charge. I called home and asked how everyone was behaving. He said "They're bad!" He said that they had ripped Caterpillar apart and disembowed him in the living room. I asked what he was doing while the carnage was going on. (He likes to surf the net on his laptop and is oblivious to anything going on around him). He said that he was using the restroom and in that short amount of time, they ripped the toy open and when he came out of the bathroom, both of their heads were bobbing up and down, as fast as they could, ripping the stuffing out as a team! I can just imagine them saying to each other, okay, here's our chance, we've got about 80 seconds, let's go!

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