Monday, May 26, 2008

Travee Tails......

I guess it's time for an overdue Travee update! Travis is now 7 months old. He has grown into a little stinker. He is the typical mischevious little brother. You have to always be on your toes when he is around.

Last week, I was working in my office and I smelled a horrible smell, like something was burning. I asked Nick what was burning as I walked into the kitchen. There was smoke in the kitchen. Nick, who is surfing the net on his laptop said that he didn't have a clue, that it was coming from the dishwasher, but couldn't figure out why. I walked to the dishwasher and opened it, difference is, I acutually "pulled out the bottom rack" and low and behold, I saw what the problem was immediately! Down, on the bottom, laying against one of the heating coils was a PIG HOOF, burning. Now when the boys chew on one of these things, it smells like a dirty butt. My house and dishes now smell like burning, dirty butt.

I remove the pig hoof, at which time, Travis strolls in with a look on his face like "Oh!, That's where I put that" I have to totally rewash the dishes and can't get that smell out of my head for days!

Fast forward to Thursday. Travis is following me around the house with a tennis ball, begging me to throw it for the millionth time that day. I am taking my dish to the kitchen to put it in the dishwaher. I open the dishwasher and just slide the plate in. This takes me about 2 seconds. I go to shut the door and it won't shut. I try again, still won't shut. I open the door fully, to see his tennis ball wedged between the door and the bottom shelf! My clients seem to think that he either wants his stuff cleaned, or he thinks the dishwasher is his new toybox.

This morning, I go to let him out and I see this. It acually makes me chuckle. Earlier this morning, when he went potty, he found a ball that he left outside. This was a special ball that he loves, Auntie Suzan gave it to Riley at Goldstock. I guess he wanted to put it in a safe place so he wouldn't lose it again.

Riley and Travis have become snugglebugs together. They spoon often, especially in my office. My office is small and cluttered, but they don't care, they want to be with me at all times. Here's a shot of them this morning, wearing the wonderful, matching collars from Auntie MJ.

Here is one from a couple of weeks ago with Riley using Travis as a pillow.
And the time I found them spooning in bed.

Travis likes to lay like an alligator, some call this laying like a frog. It freaks me out, it makes him look double jointed.

The boys still love their walks, especially now that it's spring

They really enjoy sitting out on our back patio (we are all here right now). We have a pond, with a frog living in it, bird feeders and bird houses with a family inside and a squirrel feeder that has two visitors daily, a gray one and a brown one.

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Jeb said...

All of those pictures are soo cute! That picture at the beginning with Travis is so adorable! Keep up the good work!