Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life sucks and lawyers too

**Warning....I'm pissed, I have a potty mouth**

Well, life just keeps getting better and better, especially with my mother and her situation. For those that need an update, start at the beginning, then go to the middle and now, here's the end.

The piece of shit attorney has pretty much done nothing since October. I've been emailing him, calling him and leaving voice mails since March. Ignorant fucker will not respond.

Two weeks ago, I left a message stating that I wanted the ORIGINAL letter that I received from Life Flight admitting that they fucked up returned to me, that I was taking my case elsewhere since he didn't have the decency to resond back to me. Surprise.............no answer.

So, I contacted Edgar Snyder. They will not touch the case since there is only 3 months left before the statute of limitations runs out. They referred me to another practice. Same story. Same story three more times.

This fucking piece of shit totally fucked me. I am to the point where I am beginning to believe that he's been paid off.

Yesterday, I left ANOTHER message for him and threatened to contact the Bar Association. Low and behold, he had his secretary call me to tell me that a letter was put in the mail to me. She couldn't tell me what it said. My guess is that he is saying that there is nothing he can do further. Too bad he didn't have the BALLS to call me. Fucking coward had to send a letter then have his secretary call me.

So now, my mother is totally disfigured. Totally disabled. She's 61, living in a nursing home for the rest of her life and absolutely NO ONE is being held accountable for their actions. This is totally fucked up.

I've totally been robbed of 10-20 quality years with my mother. Yes, she is alive, but she is not the same person. By not getting the medication that she needed, she has brain damage. At 41, I shouldn't have to be going through this. I am an only child, and don't get me started on my "sperm donor". He has had very little interest in my life. So it's me, all me.

I could seriously kill someone right now. Good thing I don't own any weapons. I really, truly, understand now, how people can just snap and start shooting people.

Life isn't fair, I get that. I'm just having a hard time dealing right now with how my Mom went from this.......

To this.................................
It has nothing to do with money. Money doesn't matter, the nursing home and insurance company will just take it all anyway. It's a matter of principle and holding people accountable for their actions. Someone should have to look my mother in the eye and say, "I'm sorry."

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