Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet Trixie!

Well, the new laptop arrived and I am in love. It is about 50 percent larger than Little Fujitsu, but I am getting used to it. I guess in my old age, it's good to go from a 9 inch screen to a 15.5 one.

My friend, Patrick, suggested that I should name her Trixie after Speed Racer's girlfriend. She looks like a Trixie, so that is her official name.

So far, I really like Vista. I was really afraid to get a new computer since they all come with it now, but so far, no issues. I've been able to network with all the other computers in the house and they are running XP, I've been able to connect all of my hardware without any issues as well. So far so good.

Now I am going to work on the back log. I have a TON of photos to share including new Bathroom Tour photos.


Sophie101 said...

I've had Vista for about a year now. It's okay but I call it a parnoid XP. LOL! If you tweak it a bit you can get rid of the annoying things it does. (Like alerting you everytime you breath! LOL)

Burgh Baby said...

Don't say that you like Vista too loud or the anti-Vista hoodlums will try to beat your ass.

Pssst . . . *whispers* I like Vista just fine.

Kris said...

Am I the only person who wants UNIX??