Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sixburgh Steelers

Sunday was the Super Bowl and the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Arizona Cardinals for the World Championship. Mr. Bruises and I stayed home and watched the game. I am the fan in the house. I was wearing my Polamalu shirt and my Terrible Towel was in my hand. I can't watch football in public, I am too violent and I swear entirely too much. Even more than a typical day.

All week, I was predicting that it would be a close game, but that the Steelers would be victorious. Little did I know how correct I would be. That was probably the most gut wrenching, make me want to puke, game I've ever seen.

With two minutes and thirty some seconds left, when Arizona's Fitzgerald scored the touchdown that put them into the lead for the first time this was the conversation:
Mr. B - "It's over, they lost"
Fonda B - "There's
still two and a half minutes, plenty of time for a touchdown"

Mr. Bruises learned a lot about football that night. He also learned that Steeler Fans NEVER GIVE UP. Those last few seconds, I was hyperventilating into my Terrible Towel chanting "Please, Please, Please, No, No, No, Yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!"
My Steelers were victorious! Naturally, Pittsburgh planned a big celebratory parade and I knew I wanted to be there. I drug Pinky Donchadare-O with me and we had a blast. After parking the car, we proceeded to walk the parade route, looking for the perfect place to view the parade.

As we were coming down the Blvd of the Allies, we came upon this parking garage that was totally filled with fans. The crowd would erupt with cheers and jeers as they tossed stuffed footballs from below to the top. We decided that we wanted to join the fun, so we found a spot, on the side on the next to top floor.

It's all fun and games until the Po-Po take your footballs away!

The freaky fans were out in force. We have the Pom Pom man, who was dressed in a suit of black and gold pom poms.

Then we have the guy who is half naked and painted black and gold.

Even the Jesus freaks came out for the parade. I guess the thrill of warning a quarter million people was too much!

The kids above us were crazy and sitting on the railing!

Finally, the parade started and opened with an awesome high school band. Their colors were black and gold.

Here he is, the man, Mike Tomlin. He lead the parade and he was on foot!

Almost all of the players were video taping us as we cheered, waved our towels and took photos and videos. Here's Ben videotaping the parade.

Lots of others too. Baby Ci Ci's truck was a rockin! Those boys were having FUN!

Finally, I bring you the WORST mascot ever! He who must not be named.

Congratulations Pittsburgh on your SIXTH Super Bowl win. Steeler Fans adore you!

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