Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't leave your camera!

This is what happens when you go out for a smoke break and leave your camera on the table. It gives me free reign to take any photos I want! My friend, Paul found this out the hard way when a bunch of us from the Class of 83 (I'm an honorary member) went out for dinner on Valentine's Day.

I take photos in the bathroom, don't you just love the blue toilet seat!

These are so not worthy of The Bathroom Tour!
I take photos of the electrical outlets.
I put the camera in my lap and shoot, low and behold look at all the gum we have here!

I take photos of people's finished beverages!
I take photos of the window decorations.

I take photos of feet. That's my purple Ugg boot and Deanna's "Do Me" boot.

I make people make funny faces!

Then I pull out the big guns, I start balancing spoons off of my face. This is pure talent people. I am not only balancing the spoon off my face, I am taking the photo too!

So, moral of this blog post.....never, ever, ever, leave your camera unattended when I am around!

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