Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm going to hell....

I went to catholic school for eight years. I am not sure if that molded me into the person I am today or if it scarred me for life. One thing that I know, I have been to church less than 10 times since my eighth grade graduation.

We went to mass every Wednesday and every Friday. During lent, we attended Stations of the Cross every freaking day, then still went to mass on Wednesday and Friday. I totally feel that I have my Sundays in for the rest of my life.

They say that catholic school kids are bad. They are right. I did some of the worst things in my life while in school there.

I worked in the library. One day, I found a bunch of High Honor Roll certificates in the librarian's drawer. I stole one, forged our Principal's signature on it and proudly took it home. I was promptly rewarded with a fifty dollar bill from my grandmother.

I can remember going to regular confession. Confession is a scary thing for a child. I can remember confessing that I fought with my brother "x" amount of times and fought with my sister "x" amount of times. People, I am an only child. I was lying in confession! How horrible is that??!? How many freakin' Hail Marys do you think Father would have given me as penance had he known?!?

Another favorite thing to do in confession for me was to screw with the kneelers. The kneelers were rigged up so that if someone was kneeling, a light went on above the door so that parishioners knew that the confessional was occupied. I would lift my knees up and down so that there was a disco-themed strobe light show going on for all my classmates waiting their turn. That was, until Sister came and removed me from the confessional. By my earlobe.

I have fond memories of catholic school, however, I don't know if I would recommend sending your kids to one.


OlRedHair said...

Oh Rhonda, you're bad! LOL I too went to Catholic school for 8 years. During all those masses we had to attend, my friend Lorrie and I would leave for the girls' lavatory and stay there and smoke. We never got caught!

YD said...

You're going to hell? So am I.

I didn't go to a Catholic school but I was brought up Christian. Can't say I have done bad things in school, I was a good girl(noticed I wrote WAS).