Friday, May 29, 2009

Boy did I screw up this time!

Wednesday, I received more than the average amount of telemarketing calls. One particular number kept calling and hanging up on my answering machine at the salon. Anyone who knows me knows how much this burns my ass.

Finally, after the same number called no less than 11 times, I answered the phone. They hung up on me, or should I say, the computer hung up on me. Now it's on. They are getting called back.

I do not have long distance on the salon phone, Windstream rapes me enough. I have to use my cell phone to make long distance calls. I start to dial and realize that I don't want them knowing my cell number so they can start harassing me on that phone too. So, I hit *67 before the number to block my number. Well, at least I thought I did that. Turns out I hit *68, didn't really think much of it. Until Thursday at noon.

I realized Thursday at noon that my cell phone was pretty quiet, which is unusual since when I am not at the salon, I transfer the phone to ring into my cell phone. I decided to call the salon to see if maybe I forgot to transfer it. It rang twice and I expected the machine to pick up. Imagine my horror when I heard "Thank you for calling the March of Dimes". I am all like WTF???? So, I call again. At this point I am thinking I screwed up the salon phone so I try calling my voice mail. Instead of getting the standard greeting, once again, I reach the March of Dimes.

I promptly call Verizon and tell them what an ass I was the day before. The rep looks up my account and is baffled by what I have my phone programmed to do. I had it programmed for a busy, ring back transfer, forward something or another, anyway you look at it, my cell phone as effed up. I had to hang up and punch no less than four different codes in before I cancelled everything out and it was working like normal.

I wonder how many people called The Purple Pinkie and got The March of Dimes?

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