Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthdays Suck!

I am a big fan of birthdays! I always have been. Mr. Bruises, however, has put the kabosh to that for me, though, when it comes to Riley. Today is Riley's seventh birthday. That puts him at 49 in people years. He is officially older than us.

You know, Mr. Bruises has a point. After a certain point, it's no longer fun to celebrate a beloved pets birthday. It's just one year closer to heart break. I can't imagine the day we no longer have this wonderful, golden creature in our lives.

But wait! Now our sorry-ass moods have gotten the pretty boy down! Enough of that! It's time to put on our dancing shoes and celebrate with a hamburger birthday cake with mashed potato icing! It's time to celebrate life, not pending death!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Rye Pie!


YD said...

Happy Woofday Riley boy! How can your human even think of not wanting to celebrate this great day?

Bob said...

Hey Riley; Happy Birthday and many, many, many more.
Tail wags & Licks
Hamish & Sophie

Sophie101 said...

Happy Birthday Riley!