Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Censorship at it’s Finest

So, I’ve been a reader and commenter at Kittanning Paper for awhile now. The whole Elderton High School reopening issue has been a hot topic for awhile now. We have been asking the KP to put up a poll asking if people supported the decision to reopen a school that will graduate 29 students. There have been polls before, asking what your favorite cinema is and crap like that. When we first requested it, we were told they didn’t want to put up a poll until after the lawsuit. Well the lawsuit came and went and still no poll.

Recently, EHS supporters have again, been beating the dead horse that is:

“69.92% of the Elderton attendance area taxable inhabitants signed the petitions to seceed and equated the notarized and legal signatures to be 2899.”
So, that equates to almost 7% of the approximately 42,000 taxpayers in the Armstrong School District, who want EHS open (and 93% that do not). In fact that 7% is probably significantly lower at this point since Kittanning Township Elementary was sold down the river. Isn’t it funny how “Community” schools are only appropriate in certain “communities”?

So, we took it upon ourselves to create an unbiased poll, where people can only vote once (You may think you are voting more than once, but those extra votes are kicked out and reported to me as a skipped question). We posted the link to the post on the KP and it was removed. I have had a back and forth with the Editor of KP and it is obvious that we disagree about business practices. Seems he wants us to pay for advertising if we want to post links on his blog. Nice.

So, I would like to give my opinion that the KP is biased. Plain and simple. If it is pro-HERO or pro-EHS, it’s all good. If it is the opposite, get out your checkbook.

Seriously, what is so hard about putting up a poll? The only reason anyone would be afraid to is because they fear the result of the poll.

I would like to invite all of my Armstrong County readers to join me in a BOYCOTT of any advertiser in the KP. By advertising in this paper, you are, whether you know it or not, advocating censorship, plain and simple.

Please also, if you are an ASD taxpayer, please take our poll. No matter what side you are on, your opinion matters!

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Affib Rider said...

This hometown school thing appears to be a trend these days. A keeping up with the joneses of sorts, only you are spending somebody elses money. Either way I find it ridiculous that these very same people that voted these people into their position are the first to whine about higher taxes. It is unbelievable to me the amount of money they are going to spend on that crappy school in Elderton when it will probably be closed again in the near future. No worse I guess than the hundreds of thousands they spend on stadiums and swimming pools that only get used by a small percentage of the student body. I guess this only justifies my choice to send my child to private school.