Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The meaning of a NSS - Non-Standard Salon

A NSS - Non-Standard Salon is just that, a salon that does not follow standard policies and procedures. Some seem to think that this is a racial thing because let's face it, the large majority of these salons are Asian owned and operated. There are plenty of White NSS salons, African Amercian, Irish, Italian, etc., but the majority of them are the Asian salons.

The term "Chop Shop" has been used for some time to describe these salons. Asians take offense to this term because they believe this is a racial slap at them because of the fact that they eat "Chop Suey" or something to that effect. Listen, when people call NSS Salons Chop Shops, they do so because these places are hacking the shit out of your natural nails. They use an illegal product MMA (Methyl Methacrylate - aka dental acrylic), which in order for it to adhear to your natural nails, you have to SHRED the natural nail, you then have to put on an ACID primer. In my opinion, your nails are trashed before they even put the MMA on them. So the reference Chop Shop is meaning you are chopping the shit out of the nails, you are shredding them, you are destroying them. Period.

Our job as Nail Technicians is to ENHANCE the natural nail not destroy it. It is also our job and responsiblility to follow rules and laws and provide a safe and sanitary environment for people to receive services.

Some people confuse Discount Salons for NSS or Chop Shops. This is not always the case. You can charge a minimal fee, do walk-ins only and do a large volume of clients all while using legal product, following rules and laws and providing them in a clean and safe environment. A lot of Asian salons fall into this category as well.

So, I just thought I would give you MY definition of a NSS or a Chop Shop. Here are things that I consider to be traits of one:

Using MMA (Methyl Methacrylate - aka dental acrylic)
Practicing without a license
Hiring technicians without a license
Not practicing proper Sanitation and Disinfection practices
Not following State and Federal laws and regulations
Dirty, filthy salons
Reusing sanding bands on clients, even after cutting them
Reusing any "disposable" item like orangewood sticks that cost pennies
Not properly cleaning and disinfecting whirlpool pedicure chairs
Not using an electric file properly and creating rings of fire on the nailbed
Lying to the public or deliberatly trying to deceive them into thinking they are getting something else

These are just a few off the top of my head. The NSS term and Chop Shop are not racial. They can apply to ANY salon. I think it's time that everyone stop being so damned sensitive about everything. Everyone takes offense to the littlest things anymore and it's really getting out of hand. No pun intended.

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princey999 said...

right. These nss shops also lie about what they are using, like "gel". When a client walks in and asks me for gel fill they look at what im using as if it wasn't real gel products. Then I ask them if the nss shop gave them "powdered gel", they say 'YES" and i laugh because i thought gel as a taffy consistency!lol