Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

So, Wednesday was Trick-or-Treat in the Ford City area.  I finished up at the salon at 7:00 and headed down to BFF Jill's Salon to help pass out treats. 

I was greeted by this sign.  Teens in no costume is a big pet peeve of Jill's.  Hey, if you have a costume on, cool!  This is even despite the fact that Trick-or-Treat is for 12 year olds and under. 

We heard of a lady who solved her disgust of teens coming with no costumes, smoking cigarettes, while they are TOTing and never say thank you.  She saved all year.  Ketchup packs. From Wendys, McDonalds, you name it.  When those kids came to her door, that is what she gave them!  GENIOUS!!  They had no clue, either!  Can you imagine their surprise at the end of the night when they check out their loot!

So, next pet peeve on BFF Jill's list is tiny babies, either in strollers or being carried around and the adult has a bag and expects a treat.  So, are you telling me that the baby eats that candy?  Um no..............the adult does.   We all love to look at little ones in costume, but is it necessary to give them candy that they can't eat?  To solve this problem for next year, BFF Jill is purchasing a case of baby food and will be giving that to babies under a year old.  GENIOUS!!

Now, my pet peeve is the mothers that are taking their kids TOTing and dressed in costume as well.  I have no problem with this except for when these costumes are obviously stippers or hookers.  I am telling you I have never seen so many ass cheeks.  Roller Derby is more modest than TOT night was.  I am talking tiny booty shorts, with ruffles and ass hanging out with a tail back there with a Madonna bra on and nothing else.  First of all, what the fuck are you?  Madonna with a tail?  A stripper with a tail.  What is up with this tail?

To solve this, next year, I will be handing out clothes to these hoochies.  See, between three of us, we have solved all of the issues!

Tonight is the annual, getting dressed up and going out night.  I am not all about dressing like a slut on Halloween, I am all about dressing Scary.  Remember last year?  Carrie.  I won Scariest Costume.  This year is Medusa.  Will I out due myself?  We will see!

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