Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Bling Out a Cell Phone Cover!

I’ve been blinging out cell phones for years. It’s been a few years since I’ve blinged one out and have been asked countless times how to do it, so I decided to so a tutorial.

I recently got the Verizon iPhone4. I love this phone. I got a cheapie cover at Five Below. Make sure you get a plastic one and not a rubber or silicone one. The glitter finish will just peel off of any surface that is super flexible. The cover that I chose was the best of both worlds, it is plastic with rubber sides so that the phone is easy to grip.

Cell phone :o)
Modge Podge – this is a very thin glue used for decoupage. You can find it at most craft stores or at Wally World.
Tape – Masking tape works best, but I only had Scotch tape and it worked fine.

If needed, mask off the areas that you don’t want blinged out. I masked off the side because they were rubber.
Apply an even coat of Modge Podge, make sure to not leave any puddles.
Put a paper towel or sheet of paper down under your cover and pour the glitter all over it. Be generous.
Tap off the excess glitter onto the paper. Fold the paper and pour excess back into the glitter jar. No waste!!
Let dry. It doesn’t take long. Once dry, you can add another layer of Modge Podge, but it really isn’t necessary unless you want it to feel smooth. I didn’t add a second layer. Remove the tape and give your blinged area a good brushing with a nail brush or just tap it real well.

All done!!! I expect to see lots of these now! Take a photo of yours and tag me on Facebook!!

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