Monday, May 7, 2012

So Called Professionals

I found this old post, that I wrote two years ago and for some reason, never published.  It's funny, two years later, I can say the same things.  I took a photo of a girl's nails that were, by far, the most damaged nails I've seen.  Too many times, we get caught up in blaming and pointing fingers at the Non-Standard Salons, but the truth is, those that you normally don't think of as working in an NSS do damage too.  It all comes down to education and experience.  Oh, and a little common sense helps too!

I am totally amazed, everyday, the amount of people in the beauty industry that try to portray themselves as a professional, yet they do illegal things.  They want to sit there and complain about Non-Standard Salons and talk about how they don't follow laws and blah, blah, blah and yet they are no better than the salons that they want to hold responsible for their lack of business.

These same people, who call themselves professionals will say that they give out coupons for money off of services and they will claim them as redeemed even if they aren't.  They are doing this to reduce their income reporting, which then reduces their taxes.  That is TAX EVASION!

They will sell gift certificates, put a short expiration date on them and the KEEP THE MONEY when they aren't redeemed.  There are laws, governing gift certificates in every state.  I have not heard of one state that allows you to keep all of the money.  Most states have rules that if money passed hands, this is not your money until you perform the service.  If the certificate is not redeemed in so many years, it has to be turned over to the state as unclaimed property.  Enforcing the expiration date and keeping the money is STEALING!

You then have people who charge state sales tax on retial item and then they don't turn that money over to the state.  Again, this is THEFT!!

Finally, you have people who will show photos of feet, before and after the use of a BLADE?  Really?  Credo blades are illegal in all states.  Cutting skin is considered a surgical procedure, which we are not licensed to do.  To use a blade on someone is not only illegal it is UNPROFESSIONAL!

I think it all boils down to people with no business sense running businesses.  I think it's high time that people stop worrying about what the NSS are doing and worry more about what THEY are doing.  You are absolutely no better than the people you are looking down on.  You are stealing, you are evading taxes and you are doing things that your license does not allow.  You are NOT a professional and I take offense to you putting yourself in my category of professional.

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