Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ewwww that smell!

While we were in Daytona, I decided I wanted to get some skate time in. I went and watched the jetski freestyle for a bit with Nick and then I left him on the beach so that I could go skating.

I needed to stop and get socks, since I didn't pack any. Once I got them, I wondered if I had put deodorant on that morning, since I was feeling moist. I decided to go get some and use a restroom.

I pulled into a Walgreen's parking lot and saw an elderly man crossing the street. As I walked into the store, I followed another elderly man in. As the door opened, I was hit with a sewage stench. I proceeded to walk to the left, around to the back of the store, where I thought the restroom would be.

I kept smelling the smell. I was thinking, boy, they have a sewage problem. As I rounded the corner, it hit me hard in the face and I started to wonder if the guy in front of me was farting. I then look ahead and the first old man I saw was asking an employee something. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize he was asking where the bathroom was.

As he was waddling to the restroom, pieces of poop were coming out of his pant leg. What I was smelling was the perpetual trail of poop that he had left from the front door. I immediately started gagging. I decided that I didn't need to use the restroom after all. I grabbed my stuff, told the horrified cashier and left. I was pretty sure that I was parked next to the guy, so I looked in the car to see if I could see skid marks. There weren't any, but on the passenger seat, there was a spare pair of pants!!!!

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