Monday, January 14, 2008

Skating in Florida!

I went to a local rink while I was in Florida! It had the sweetest floor! It was like this concrete floor with this coating on it that was kind of rubbery. It wasn't sport court, it was like something was poured on it. Boy was it grippy.

Sundays are primetime birthday party time at skating rinks, no matter what state you are in. Florida isn't much different. There were lots of parties that day. It's great. Kids make great obsticles to skate around. You also get mothers trying to skate that haven't been on skates in years. I witnessed one mother, do a face plant and she totally broke off all of her teeth. It was gnarly!

When they held the races, I decided to participate. I used to win the races all the time as a kid. They did it by age and i got paired up with two 40 something men, speed skaters. When the whistle blew, I ran on my toe stops, ala derby style and got it front and never looked back. I won the sweetest shirt for it!!

I had to leave early, since Nick had to be off the beach by 5. As I was leaving, I saw kids trying to run on their toe stops. Florida will never be the same!!

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