Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated since getting home from vacation.  I've been busy at work and then we got hit with a MAJOR snow storm Friday night.  We are now getting hit again.  I haven't forgotten about Mr. Speedo, he is coming soon, I promise!

Anyway, Friday it started snowing.  At 10:00 pm I took this photo.  Nine inches of snow. 

I then took a photo at 10:45 pm and we were at 14 inches!  Five inches fell within 45 minutes!

I then said that I was going to take photos every hour.  By this point, I was so hopped up on caffeine that there was no way I could sleep.  I was going to stay up all night and ride this storm out and document it!

This was at midnight.  We are now at 17 inches and it's still coming down strong.

This was at 1:00 am.  We are at 18 1/2 inches now.

This beauty was taken at 2:00 am, I finally got smart and put some pants on.  As you can see it is up to my knees now.

Official count is 19 3/4 inches!

This was at 3:00 am, we are now at 22 inches.  As you can see, the snow is now over Mr. Bruises' bumper.

At nearly 4:00 am, I fell asleep on the floor with Travis.  I woke up at nearly 5:00 am, when the power went out.  Travis and I went to bed at that time.

I got up at 8:30 am and wanted to  video Travis and Riley's reaction to the snow.  I ended up videoing my own.  Sorry for the bad word, but it was a true reaction!

Final measurement at 8:30 am on Saturday was 25 1/4 inches.  Holy Bejesus!

This is the view from the carport.
You can't even see our steps!
So far, the only ones enjoying this snow are the dogs!

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