Monday, February 1, 2010

We're Home!

Well we are home. It was an awesome trip, I think that everyone should go on vacation to paradise for their birthday even if it is just once. Mr. Bruises and I have been considering doing our vacation every year at this time, instead of right after New Years.

Once I get through all of the Speedo footage and photos, I will be posting my Second Annual Mr. Speedo post. I have a funny feeling that the judges (me, myself and I) are going to award TWO crowns this year. We will see how the voting goes.

Some observations from this trip…..Americans are polite, maybe too polite. Everyday I was amazed by the rudeness of European people. They play chicken with you in all of the walkways. You have to give way, they never will. They push right in front of you in every buffet line, actually reaching in front of you and there is never an “Excuse me” or even a smile. They sit or stand close to you, scarily invading our personal space and proceed to have a conversation in their own language that is at least three decibels too loud. I am a loud person, believe me when I say, they make me sound like I am whispering.

I think the most appalling thing I saw was a grandmother and father, who brought a child to the pool with full-blown pink eye in both eyes. He had the tapioca pudding-looking goop running down his face. He was rubbing his eyes and miserable. Of course, he was touching things with those goop-covered hands. I wonder how many people unknowingly got pink eye from those inconsiderate guardians.

Mr. Bruises wants to do a cruise next year. We will see. He has a whole year to work on me. The thoughts of being herded like cattle once again and put into a room with a toilet that won’t flush and no one caring is not appealing to me what so ever.

I can’t wait to see the Golden Boys tonight. It’s been seven days since I was double spooned by golden fur. From what you all have been telling us about home, I am sure I will welcome the extra warmth because it’s going to be a real culture shock. This is especially true since I lost my jacket in the airport on the way in. I have my winter vest, but I don’t have any shirts with sleeves!

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