Friday, May 21, 2010

Always wear clean underwear.........

Just like your mother always told to to always wear clean underwear, you should always make sure that your salon is clean before you leave for the day.  I know after working eight to twelve hour days, the last thing you want to do is make sure there isn't crap all over the floor, the rugs are straight, the trash cans aren't overflowing, but do it!  You never know who may pop in unannounced.

Wednesday, I stopped in the salon before my first client.  My goal was to package up some nail tips and send them to a competitior in California, who was looking for some ideas for a competition.  I had envelope in hand, but luckily, I got side tracked and was in mid conversation with Kylie, when the salon door opened.  I looked out and saw and guy and a girl and I greeted them and asked if I could help them.

The girl just gave me this sly grin.  My mind started racing.......I knew that face, but who was she?  A past client?  My long lost cousin?  Think!  Think! 

And then it hit me!  Maggie Freakin' Franklin from Visalia, California!  Now my exact words were a little more expletive, those who know me know I can give a trucker a run for his money....  I gave Maggie the biggest hug and then I attacked the "BF" Matt.  (That's what Maggie refers to him as in her blogs)

Matt has family in PA and they were visiting for the week.  I guess they decided to make the drive over on Wednesday to surprise me and boy did they!!

I believe I met Maggie in person at the Orlando show in 2004.  I was newer to the industry then and I was star struck and I am sure I was one of those gum poppers that annoyed the shit out of her that trip.  Sorry Mags!  Anyway, through the years, Maggie and I have had an online relationship.  We have so much in common, we are both obsessed with nails, we are both bloggers and most importantly, we both love to stir a good pot.  Sometimes that pot is filled with get the idea.

Maggie and I just settled in and started talking and sharing and comparing notes and stories for a good hour before my first client arrived.  It was like a sneak preview of what will happen in two weeks in Orlando, when nail tech's like Maggie and I all take over a condo building and just live, eat, breathe and sleep nails for a weekend.

Thank you so much for the surprise Maggie!  Lynn Lammers, sorry, your nail tips were delayed a day, but it was MAGGIE, at The Purple Pinkie!!!!

Now everyone go put on clean underwear...


Candace said...

That is soooo awesome!!! Just put my clean undies on!!

Maggie said...

HEY! If you don't stir the pot, the stew will burn! Even if it is shit stew! LOL!

That was great timing and I had a blast! The salon is ADORABLE and you totally ROCK!

Have a blast in Orlando! I'm so bummed to have to sit it out yet another year (sniff) but give everyone a big hug for me!

foxydiva said...

I think I am in love..As an aspiring derby girl and soon to be nail tech, I'm pretty sure you have a new blog stalker.