Saturday, May 22, 2010

The IRS killed my mother....

Yes, you read that correctly.  The IRS killed my mother.  I am working with them now, to have them bring her back to life.  I have no idea how this happened other than some jackass who doesn't know how to do his job must have clicked the button "Deceased."

It all started with her 2006 taxes, which were the first ones I had to complete and file for her as Power of Attorney.  Each year, 2006, 2007, 2008 and most recentely, 2009, I have attached the Power of Attorney paperwork to her return, since she can't sign the return due to her brain injury and the injury to her arm from the IV infiltration.

Each tax year, the return gets sent back to me saying that they need EITHER her signature OR if a POA is signing, they need a copy of the original POA paperwork.  Well hello, Dumbshits, you received that paperwork with the return.  Every. Single. Year.  I have to send it twice.

2008 taxes started the nightmare.  I mailed them in April 2009.  July 2009, I got them returned to me as usual.  I sent again with second copy of POA.  September 2009, I got them returned AGAIN, so I sent it them a THIRD copy.  Imagine my annoyance when April 12, 2010, I get them returned for the third time.  I am hotter than a hornet now.

So, I went to the nursing home and had my poor mother try to sign her return with a pen in her mouth.  It was the equivilent of a scribble, but hey, they want her f'n signature.  I then typed them the following letter:

To Whom It May Concern: 
Here we go AGAIN. For the third year after my mother’s brain injury, you once again are insisting that this woman sign a tax return that she owes entirely no taxes on. Each year, I have sent you the Power of Attorney paperwork listing myself as medical and financial POA. This past year I had to send it AGAIN twice, along with a letter explaining that my mother is disabled, with a brain and arm injury and living in a nursing home. Now, you are still insisting on a “mark” from her.
I wish I could have video taped the poor woman holding a pen in her mouth, trying to make this mark. How humiliating. I would like you to know once again, this woman has NO USE of her hands, actually at the end of this month, fingers are going to be amputated. YES, I said amputated.
When someone is living on disability and lives in a nursing home and all of their funds go to the nursing home except $45 for personal items (which doesn’t buy much), and owes NO TAXES and files a ZERO return for three years in a row, it is ridiculous that you require this woman to sign this return with her mouth. Why on Earth do I have POA paperwork to begin with?
You need to look into your policies. As an only child, taking care of all of my mother’s affairs, medical and financial , on my own, this is just an unneeded thing that I shouldn’t have to deal with.

The Bitch you are really PISSING OFF!

Okay, I didn't sign it that way, but still.  So you see, this is a zero return.  She owes nothing.  She doesn't get a refund.
Fast forward to last week and I get a check in the mail.  It is made out to:
MY NAME, Claimant
MY MOM's NAME, Decsd
DECSD.  I was pretty sure that meant deceased.  So I called.  I was right.  Somehow, some douchebag decided that my mother was dead.  It seems as though my mom qualified for the $300 stimulus money that President Bush handed out for 2008.  The IRS guy told me to try to cash the check.  He said if I have any trouble cashing it, I need to return it and in 8-10 weeks they will reissue another.  It doesn't really matter, the nursing home is gong to take that money anyway.
He then told me that they sent a letter two weeks ago about my mother being deceased.  I have not gotten it.  He said when I do, to send it back with a letter explaining that my mother is alive.
So, as if I don't have enough bullshit to deal with, with my mother, I now have to work with the IRS to bring her back to life.  Bastards.  Does anyone do their job anymore and further, do it well?  And we want these people running our health care system....................


Sheila and Bob said...

Hey Rhonda;
They did the same thing to me when my Mother DID pass away in Jan.2009.
Sent a form wanting us to have her sign it that she does not have to pay taxes. I have the POW and basically did the same thing you did. I asked them how she can sign when she is deceased, and no she no longer has a home address, just a plot number.
No one can do their job and that especially applies to the government.


OlRedHair said...

Such stupidity. I feel for you. Let us know what they say if they reply.