Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Martha Stewart Weekend

I had a lot of project in my mind that I wanted to do and I did most of them this weekend.  I like to think of myself as Martha Stewart sometimes.  I'm just a younger, hipper and less-annoying version of her!

My first project was recovering my beloved swing cusions.  I love my swing, but those cushions got ugly.  Add to the fact that they don't repel water and we get LOTS of rain, made for me having a wet butt more often than I like.  So, I purchased some new fabric to recover the cushions.

I think it turned out fabulous!  Mr. Bruises was actually impressed, since he had to take the swing apart and put it back together since the frame for the seat is actually built into the cushion.  He kept reminding me to make sure I left areas open in the back for where the screws go in.  Jeez, he must think I am blonde!  I also made two throw pillows for extra-added comfiness!  I topped it all off with a can of Scotch Guard and I am good to go!

Next up was the salon.  I always do a "Spring Sprucing" each year and I caught the recovering bug.  I recovered the Purple Princess chair.

I then recovered the waiting chair cushions.

Then what the heck, I changed the tissue paper under the glass of our nail stations and put matching fabric down.  I made each station a "splash guard" for the wall.  This helps protect the wall from the acetone that sometimes splashes up from our pumpers.

Finally, I had some fabric left over and I decided to make a purse.  I can never find one that is litte, with a long strap that has enough pockets for all my friends that I carry like Flip Wilson, BeBe', my Palm Pilot and my camera.  So, I decided to make one.  I had no clue what the hell I was doing, I just winged it and it turned out fabulous!  I quilted it, sewed a Sugar Skull applique on it, made a flat bottom and added a zipper.

Inside I have four small pockets for my little friends, a large pocket in the midde for money, cards and other stuff and the front and back have large areas for the rest of my "stuff".

Next up.......I think I still have enough fabric left for an apron.  Stay tuned for photos!

Oh and hey Martha......you got nothing on me, girl!


Burgh Baby said...

I bow to your handiness. Like, WOW!

Dana said...

Wow I am super impressed with the recovering projects & the purse especially!

The Purple Pinkie said...

Burgh Baby, I bow down to your ability to raise a beautiful little creature that I am not allergic to!

Thanks Dana!!