Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Karli's big day!

Karli is my oldest client. Not oldest by age, oldest as in she's been my client the longest. I think it was the first month I was working as a nail tech when she first came to me. Her boyfriend got her a gift certificate.

My appointments with Karli are always so fun. All we do is laugh, usually because we are making fun of someone who totally deserves it. No one is immune to us.

Through the years, Karli has been pictured in major trade magazines with me. One magazine actually interviewed her about our long relationship.

Last year, the boyfriend proposed! We were all over the moon. There was no way I would miss her big day. Wouldn't you know, my derby banquet was scheduled on the same day as the wedding. I went to the church service, then was able to make the first part of the reception.

I snatched a photo of Karli and I before I left. I did take another one of her trying to use the restroom in all her wedding garb, but I love her too much to print that one!

Best wishes on a happy life together, Brian and Karli Myers!

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